Sometimes one gigantic cheeseburger just isn’t enough, you know?

As you can guess from its name, the King Yeti, Burger King Japan’s newest menu item , isn’t for the faint of appetite. With four all-beef patties and six slices of Gouda Cheese, it’s essentially four cheeseburgers fused into a single sandwich.

But if you’re hungry enough to eat multiple cheeseburgers in a single sitting, why stop at just one King Yeti? That’s the logic behind Burger King Japan’s just-announced One Pounder Challenge, an all-you-can-eat King Yeti event.

The One Pounder Challenge 2023 will be taking place at 10 Burger King branches in Tokyo and the prefectures of Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Osaka from March 10 to 13. Each location will have four daily seatings, at 2:30, 4, 5:30, and 7 p.m. (there are no morning seatings, perhaps because of the sound logic that having all-you-can-eat cheeseburgers for breakfast would leave you absolutely unable to do anything else the rest of the day),

The promotion includes a medium order of French fries and a medium soft drink, with unlimited free refills for both as well. According to the promotion’s rules, you have to have completed all of one item (burger, fries, or drink) before requesting more of that same item. Each seating lasts for 45 minutes, with the last chance to order another King Yeti or more fries or drink coming at the 30-minute mark.

As with any all-you-can-eat offer, the question is how hungry do you need to be to get your money’s worth? The King Yeti usually costs 2,190 yen (US$16.20) by itself, or 2,490 yen for a set with fries and drink. The participation fee for the One Pounder Challenge 2023 is 3,900 yen, so putting away two of the massive cheeseburgers puts you ahead. If you want to really crunch the munching numbers, eating 64.4 percent of your second King Yeti is the more precise break-even point.

In addition to the obvious benefit of unlimited cheeseburgers, there are non-food ones as well. All participants receive a special Whopper case to hold your future burgers in plus a One Pounder Challenge T-shirt.

▼ The shirt is one-size-fits-all, a wise choice considering that the King Yeti is a 1,495-calorie sandwich, so you might feel like you need a different size before and after your meal.

Seating is limited for each iteration, and reservations must be made in advance through the event’s website here. The One Pounder Challenge is being held at the following Burger King branches:

● Tokyo: Ochanomizu Saint Clair, Kamata Station Higashiguchi, Seijogakuen-mae, Oimachi, Machida Jorna
● Kanagawa: Kawasaki Zero Gate, Kawasaki Sakaecho
● Chiba: Funabashi
● Saitama: Omiya Nishiguchi
● Osaka: Senba Minamikyuhoji

When we recently tried the King Yeti for ourselves, we found it surprisingly light on the palate, and the idea of eating as many as we want has us ready to throw our hat/stomach into the ring for a ticket to the One Pounder Challenge. If you can’t secure a ticket, though, you can take heart that Burger King Japan is already teasing three more One Pounder Challenges for 2023, plus a One Pounder Challenge Final to be held at the end of the year, which should be just about enough time for anyone who does participate in this month’s all-you-can-eat King Yeti event to digest the burgers and start to feel a little bit hungry again.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Images: PR Times
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