Burger King

We eat all-you-can-eat monster burgers at Burger King

One slender Japanese man ate six of these four-patty burgers in 30 minutes

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All-you-can-eat Burger King is coming to Japan with a monster burger on board

Diners will find it hard to eat more than one burger in 30 minutes, but this is a food challenge our Mr Sato has been years in training for. 

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Does Burger King’s Ugly Beef Burger taste as bad as it looks?

We try the ugliest looking burger in Japan.

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Burger King Taiwan releases insanely popular ‘Chocolate Whopper’, we recreate it at home

Nothing says ‘2020 Burger‘ more than this monstrosity, but how does it taste?

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We try Burger King Japan’s CooKING Burger @Home, use up lots of stuff in our fridge

The best thing about Burger King’s home delivery? You get to decide how much avocado is too much avocado.

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Make a Burger King Whopper at home with new CooKING Burger @Home delivery set

In Japan, Burger King doesn’t just give us the Whopper recipe, it gives us the ingredients to make it too!

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We tried Japan Burger King’s Deluxe Chicken Whopper for some serious volume 【Photos】

Three types of meat between two Burger King buns? Yes, please.

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Burger King rubs salt in Japan’s overworked wounds with limited-edition Premium Friday Whopper

In celebration of the Japanese government’s controversial work-life balance policy!…not.

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Tokyo Burger King removes snarky message to out-of-business McDonald’s branch, posts new sign

Less salt present in sweeter message to defeated Akihabara rival.

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Out-of-business Tokyo McDonald’s gets brutal but kind sendoff from rival Burger King branch

Akihabara competitor’s goodbye is as sweet and salty as French fries dipped in chocolate sauce.

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Dateless on Christmas? Burger King Japan invites you to celebrate with whole bucket of fast food

If you’re all alone on the biggest date night of the year, Burger King wants to throw a party for one in your stomach.

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Burger King opens world’s first Ghost Store in Shibuya with the only Ghost Whopper in Japan

Eat Whoppers inside the nest of the living dead as zombie staff crawl around you this Halloween.

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We took advantage of Burger King’s Whopper Jr. sale in an extreme way

We wouldn’t be SoraNews24 if we didn’t push the limits.

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Over 20 percent of Burger Kings in Japan suddenly vanishing this month

Find out which locations survived the snap.

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This is what happens when you order US$80 of extra pickles on a Burger King Whopper

We continue our tradition of pushing the limits of our local Burger King staff’s kindness by ordering a double Whopper topped with around 80 bucks worth of pickles.

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Can Mr. Big’s greatest hits get you a discount at Burger King? We investigate

Some of you may remember us reporting on a new promotional campaign by Burger King for their new Big King 4.0 burger. Called the Big ( ) Discount it is assumed that bringing in a Big Mac or receipt from a Big Mac will knock 120 yen (US$1) off the price of a Big King.

However, aside from pictorial allusions nowhere do they explicitly state that it has to be a Big Mac. They simply offer a discount for a “big something-something,” so our reporter Seiji Nakazawa went to his local Burger King with a bag full of “big” stuff such as candy and Mr. Big albums in the hopes of big savings. You’ll be surprised how for it got him.

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Burger King Japan giving discounts if you bring a McDonald’s Big Mac into one of its restaurants

For companies in the fast food hamburger business, there’s no way of getting around the fact that they’re in competition with McDonald’s. So instead of trying to tiptoe around the situation, Burger King Japan has decided to try to tackle its rival head-on with the new Big King 4.0 sandwich, which Burger King has just introduced to the Japanese market.

If you’ve got burgers on the brain, the name Big King no doubt reminds you of McDonald’s Big Mac, and that’s fine with Burger King. As a matter of fact, thanks to an unusual promotion going on right now, Burger King will give you a discount on a Big King if you bring in a receipt showing you recently bought a Big Mac, or, even stranger, if you bring in the actual McDonald’s hamburger itself.

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Why does Burger King’s black burger turn poo green in the U.S. and the U.K., but not Japan?

If you’ve gone on a few overseas trips, you may be familiar with the phenomenon of travel poo, wherein your stool takes on a different hue for a few days as you adjust to local ingredients. It’s far less common for the opposite to occur, but that’s what seems to be happening with Burger King’s black burgers, which have become a repeating success story in Japan.

Burger King is currently offering its darkly colored sandwich in the U.S. and the U.K., but many are reporting that while the company turned the burger’s bun black, the burger is turning their poo green. But what’s behind this transformation, and why didn’t it happen in Japan?

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Burger King Japan unleashes red burgers and Angry Sauce on my stomach 【Taste test】

When Burger King Japan first brought out its black burgers, more than a few people were shocked, and even a little intimidated, by their sinister appearance. After diners got over their fear and tried them, though, they discovered they were pretty tasty, and they’ve now become a welcomed, sporadically appearing item on the chain’s menu.

Seeing how well that gamble played out, Burger King has decided to spin the roulette wheel once again, but this time they’re betting on red with two new sandwiches with crimson buns and cheese. So how do they taste? We decided to grab the pair and try them for ourselves.

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Red is the new black (burger) as Burger King rolls out sandwiches with crimson buns and cheese

When Burger King first rolled out its black hamburgers in Japan in 2012, we thought the company had gone insane. It turns out Burger King really is crazy…crazy like a fox. And not just any fox, but some sort of super-intelligent fox with an advanced degree in marketing, since the black burgers caught the attention of media outlets around the world and were such a hit that they’ve been brought back in multiple updated forms.

The black burgers will once again be returning to Japanese Burger King locations in 2015, but before they do, this summer the chain is debuting a line of bright red burgers with crimson cheese and something called “Angry Sauce.”

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