Earlier in the year, we brought you the news that you can now buy men’s bras and panties on Japanese shopping site Rakuten. Well, the online retailer – the beautifully named Wish Room Men’s – have released their new spring range. We are pleased to announce that it’s even pinker, frillier, and more adorable than ever!

Join us after the jump for impressively muscled manikins, lacy panties, and A-cups galore.

Wish Room Men’s have upped their game from their previous offering, with a new shiny manikin and sharper photography. This neat little lacy number will be available in May, in white and pink.


▼ It also comes with removable padding, which you can give to your cat to play with if you don’t want/need it.


▼ The lace to bra ratio has been given a boost, as has the dot quota.


The new products will start shipping in mid to late May, and gentlemen who place advance orders can grab a set for a discounted price of 1,900 yen (around US$19).

If you can’t wait until May, you could grab one of these pink oyasumi sleepwear sets, which went on sale April 21st.

▼ We can’t help but notice that, despite the “Men’s” caption, this manikin looks a little on the feminine side.


▼ That’s better. Things were getting confusing there for a minute.

Japanese Twitter users were intrigued, and on the whole very encouraging, about the idea of men’s bras:

“Never seen that before!”

“Men’s bras – I totally get it. But why do they need to have sets?”

“These men’s bras are cute!”

“New men’s bras! Hey, you should wear one J-san [name redacted by Twitter user]. Go on J-san, wear one. No need to be shy. I’ve left your name out! No one will know who I’m talking about!”

Men’s Wish products are specially designed to be comfortable on a larger frame, so no more squeezing into ladies’ underwear for you, my friend (unless that’s your thing)!

While we were on their website, we thought we’d check out some of their other products, too.

▼ First up, this seifuku (uniform) bra, which is currently sold out. You’ll have to come back later, guys!701410b

▼ Men’s babydoll. (Not “men’s baby doll”, which has a different meaning altogether…)


▼ And stockings for men. Designed to keep everything in place, apparently.


Images: Wish Room Men’s via Rakuten
Source: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4)
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