Tama Toys, the makers of the “my first makeup set” for otokonoko, have been steadily expanding their lineup targeted at men who have a thing for dressing up as girls, and they just made a new breakthrough with their new latest product, sanitary panties for men. The product even comes packaged with a sanitary napkin enclosed because we all know males menstruate too.

Otokonoko (おとこの娘), written with a kanji character which means “daughter” or “young woman”, refers to men who look and dress like girls. Of course, these men could always purchase and wear actual women’s clothing, but that didn’t deter Tama Toys from expanding the line of products for the niche market of otokonoko, specifically those who have an interest in otaku culture.

▼ Specially designed for otokonoko: lingerie sets, high school girl uniforms and more.

Packaged with illustrations of meek looking androgynous characters on the box, the newest addition to the product lineup are lacy sanitary panties in two color variations.

▼ Pastel blue base with white polka dots.



▼ Ivory base with heart prints.



Sanitary panties are special underwear designed for the use with sanitary napkins during that time of the month. They usually come in a cutting that provides excellent coverage and fit to prevent leakage, and the crotch area is double-layered so that the wings of the sanitary pad can be tucked in between the fabric to help keep the pad in place even with vigorous movement. Many Japanese women use sanitary panties because they’re comfortable and easy to use with pads, and also simply because it sucks to get stains on the cute undies they’d want to use on most days of the month.

▼ The “sanitary panties for otokonoko” come with a sanitary pad in the box to fulfil the purpose of the sanitary underwear.

Perhaps the imaginative otokonoko would see the fun in using these sanitary goods, but as you would have expected, the non-otokonoko population is slightly (or make that very much) baffled by the idea. As one Twitter user plainly comments, “when would be the day (these would come in handy)…”

Well, we’ve heard of the rare case of a man getting his period, so… we’ll never know!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Tama Toys