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Given Japan’s unbridled love of things technologically advanced or just plain pretty, it’s no surprise that the country can’t get enough of projection mapping. High-tech artists have put on projection mapping shows at this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, and just a few weeks ago Kawasaki hosted an event which recreated the monstrous villains from hit anime Attack on Titan in full scale.

But if Sapporo is too cold and the Titans too terrifying, there’s another display coming up that’s sure to be milder in both climate and content though just as visually impressive, as projection mapping is coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland.

Although the theme park’s Once Upon a Time projection mapping show’s first performance hasn’t been held yet, Tokyo Disney Resort has released test footage to whet fans’ appetite for the real thing. The visuals seen in the video were created using a 1/30 scale mockup of Cinderella’s Castle, which serves as the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland, much as it does at Florida’s Magic Kingdom.

Framed as a story being told by Beauty and the Beast’s sentient teapot Mrs. Potts to her son, Chip, Disney says visitors can look forward to seeing appearances by characters from Alice in Wonderland. In the footage available we can spot the White Rabbit, late as usual, scurrying about his business, as well as the ramparts of the castle being covered in the playing card motif featured in the 1951 film.

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This being Cinderella’s Castle, it’s no surprise that characters from the glass-slippered heroine’s story also show up, with designers recreating the scene in which her ball gown is sewn and her dance with her beloved prince.

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Disney has also said the cast of Peter Pan will grace the 15-miunte show. While they’re nowhere to be seen in the video, we’re sure they’ll be ready for Once Upon a Time’s opening night of May 29.

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Source: IT Media
Video, images: YouTube