projection mapping

500-year-old national treasure Matsumoto Castle is also a modern projection-mapped beauty【Video】

Digital art display in Nagano moves into its final form.

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Tokyo park lighting up with gorgeous digital cherry blossom art display this spring

And the event extends beyond the cherry blossom season!

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New digital art exhibition in Nagoya promises “a paradise of bugs” in a colorful forest

A beautiful world of insects awaits in Japan’s fourth largest city this summer!

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Samurai, ninja, and anime butlers join dinosaur staff at Tokyo’s “Weird Hotel”【Photos】

Say hello to the future of contact-free check-in.

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Akihabara’s otaku shrine celebrates PlayStation 5 launch with ethereal one-night event

The PS5 is welcomed into the world at a Japanese shrine with a long history of protecting electronics.

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This holiday season, Japan lets you skip Christmas lights and see Evangelion lights instead【Vid】

A whole different kind of herald Angel.

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Make sakura cherry blossoms fall with your hands at Tokyo Tower

A digital hanami experience like no other.

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Hirado Castle commemorates 300th anniversary with enchanting event, gorgeous projection mapping

Be sure not to miss this brilliant light show if you’re in the neighborhood.

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Love fireworks and ice cream? Häagen-Dazs lets you enjoy both at this Hanabi Bar in Tokyo

Launch gorgeous digital fireworks into the night sky for each ice cream you finish. And try out the new summer flavor while you’re at it.

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The Tokyo Olympics might be taking its Akira anime connection too far【Video】

One of the bleakest depictions of Tokyo in all of film is part of Olympics celebration projection mapping project.

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Incredible Final Fantasy XIV building-projection in Yokohama will make your jaw drop 【Video】

Watch a party of adventurers take down an evil dragon on the wall of the InterContinental Yokohama Grand.

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Keyboard with light-up, “flying” letters looks like a reverse typing rhythm game【Video】

A Japanese inventor creates a projection mapping-enabled keyboard with letters that fly out into space as you type.

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Waiting for your meal is so much more fun with a tiny, projection-mapped chef cooking for you

It’s no surprise that many celebrations and social gatherings center around food. Food is a big part of pretty much every country’s culture, and since many of us eat around three times a day, it makes sense to enjoy your grub in the company of friends or family.

But when we’re out to eat at a restaurant, sometimes the wait for our food can put us in a bad mood, particularly if our stomachs have been empty for a bit too long. One company, however, has come up with a nifty way to help restaurants serve up a bit of high-tech entertainment to its guests: a pint-sized chef who cooks up your meal right on your plate!

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J-pop unit Perfume’s innovative projection mapping at US performance creates worldwide buzz

Perfume, the three-member electro-pop group from Hiroshima, Japan, took to the stage for a special performance at the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. The annual event, held this year from March 13-22, always includes a unique lineup of musical artists, independent films, conference panels, and technological exhibitions, all carefully selected to showcase the highest levels of creativity in the current industry.

Even in that environment, Perfume’s musical and dance performance seems to have blown away the crowd with its ground-breaking use of projected visuals. Is their performance really happening in the physical world? Folks from around the world who’ve seen the video online say it’s enough to give them goosebumps!

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Amazing real-time projection mapping technology blurs line between fantasy and reality 【Video】

Projection mapping is a technology we seem to be hearing about quite often these days, and you may have seen it being used at various events or amusement park shows. But the video that we’re sharing with you today makes use of a highly unexpected and unusual surface to create a series of projection mapped images quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. In fact, the technology used in the video is so visually convincing that it seems to blur the line between reality and fantasy, and once you see it, we think you’ll be impressed by it too!

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New 3D aquarium show to let visitors experience a trip to the deep sea in Enoshima

Japanese aquariums are a pretty popular destination for families during the summer break in July and August. As a part of Enoshima Aquarium’s 10th anniversary celebration, it is putting on a show called “Night Aquarium” where 3D projection mapping will make it seem like visitors have traveled to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Beginning on July 20, the special show will use the aquarium as a backdrop during the evening and project moving images of sea life around the awestruck sightseers. Although other aquariums have given visitors a rather intimate look at deep-sea creatures, this is the first time an aquarium has use this projection mapping technology and is sure to draw big crowds.

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Projection mapping coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland 【Video】

Given Japan’s unbridled love of things technologically advanced or just plain pretty, it’s no surprise that the country can’t get enough of projection mapping. High-tech artists have put on projection mapping shows at this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, and just a few weeks ago Kawasaki hosted an event which recreated the monstrous villains from hit anime Attack on Titan in full scale.

But if Sapporo is too cold and the Titans too terrifying, there’s another display coming up that’s sure to be milder in both climate and content though just as visually impressive, as projection mapping is coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland.

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The Mirror Harrier: Objects in car are closer than they appear

As a young lad I often watched Flight of the Navigator and dreamed of flying around with Sara Jessica Parker in a spaceship that talked like Pee-Wee Herman. What child didn’t?

But most exciting was how beautifully shiny that ship was. Image if a car could be that shiny too. Actually, stop imagining because our reporter stumbled across one such vehicle at a Toyota event at Tokyo Midtown.

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