Hyogo residents learn the downside to living in an apartment that used to be a yakuza office

Cheap rent and great location comes with some very bad history.

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High-ranking yakuza member shot on the street near his home in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Police unsure if man claiming responsibility is the actual gunman or just a fall guy.

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Tokyo man arrested for his very tiny guns

Pair of key chains deemed lethal by authorities.

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Japanese Internet reacts to ammunition panic-buying in America due to coronavirus fears

Confusion about what Americans plan to do with it all.

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Japanese police officers increasingly forgetting their guns in public restrooms

At least they didn’t forget to flush… we hope.

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How did a centuries-old samurai musket end up in the bottom of this fishing lake in Japan?

In a country as old as Japan, you never know what you’ll find hidden in the depths!

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Bullets on the bullet train as three men found carrying guns on Japan’s Shinkansen

Armed group turned out to have legal reason for packing heat.

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Wakayama cop loses fully-loaded automatic handgun on the street while guarding PM

We all have our bad days at work, some worse than others.

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“Asking some Americans to give up guns is like asking Japanese people to give up miso soup”

American-born Japanese celebrity Pakkun’s comparison doesn’t go over well, but one commenter has a better food analogy.

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Japanese teacher wakes up sleepy students by whipping out realistic model pistol in classroom

Grabbing the attention of young minds with the implied power of hot lead.

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American woman arrested after throwing away massive supply of bullets in Tokyo airport trash can

Elderly traveler dumped 100 rounds of live ammo in Haneda international terminal.

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Photos showing evidence of the coming violent kitty revolution surface on Japanese Twitter

Is the purr-letariat getting ready to rise?

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27-year-old in Japan arrested for 3-D printed pistol, says he didn’t know it was illegal

We live in a brave new world where cars wash themselves and a customized 3-D figure of your very likeness can be bought for just under US$100. It’s also a world where anyone can literally download 3-D printer plans for automatic gun parts–which, depending on which side of the barrel you’re standing on, might not be such great news.

But while printing off a full assault rifle still isn’t quite within the realm of possibility, it looks like you can use a 3-D printer to make a revolver strong enough to fire actual bullets. Which, in Japan at least, is completely illegal. One 27-year-old Kanawaga resident found this out the hard way when he was arrested this Thursday for doing just that.

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Japanese YouTuber shows you how not to brush your teeth

YouTube isn’t all cat videos and aspiring singers, you know; it’s actually filled with genuinely creative and talented folks. As proof, we present to you a Japanese guy’s channel dedicated to brushing his teeth with guns.

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Cute Japanese girls with guns will steal your heart, put a cap in it

I think the title of this post should be pretty self explanatory, but in the interest of full disclosure these girls aren’t, as far as we know, actually real military personnel, nor are they members of some kind of guerrilla insurgency. These photos come from a magazine dedicated to ‘survival game fashion’. But hey, the guns look real enough and the girls are hot, so who cares about technicalities?

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Teacher accidentally fires confiscated “fake” gun in Fukuoka Prefecture school

In Japan where guns are an incredibly rare sight, toy guns and replicas can often look like the real thing. So when a teacher at a middle school in Fukuoka Prefecture confiscated what they thought was a fake gun from a student, the teacher handled the “toy” with very little care, and ended up accidentally discharging it in the staff room.

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Attention gearheads, gun nuts and engineers! 25 GIFs of engines, cannons and everyday objects in action

As someone who never took shop class growing up, I’m regularly baffled by how things work mechanically. Sure, I’ve seen the inner workings of machinery plenty of times after accidentally cracking its protective casing, but it’s hard to get a clear image of how all the moving parts mesh together when the whole thing is broken.

Thankfully, a series of GIFs making the rounds on the Internet in Japan is here to show how everything from an electric fan to a ship-mounted cannon operates. It’s surprisingly awesome.

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Toys for Grown-Ups – Tokyo Marui Comes to Play with ‘Gun-Sound’ Replica Sniper Rifles, Pistols and Grenade Launchers

Despite being a country where firearms are incredibly rare and licences to own them notoriously difficult to obtain, there nevertheless remain thousands of gun nuts in Japan. Thankfully, the majority of firearm fans here are content to spend hours poring over photos and technical diagrams of weapons, occasionally visiting shooting ranges or watching videos of pretty girls squeezing off a few rounds while dressed as French maids.

For those who prefer to have something to play with at home, there are airsoft guns from makers such as Tokyo Marui, which feature a shockingly high level of detail and come with all manner of bells and whistles in an attempt to recreate the experience of firing the real thing without the risk of death, serious injury or being arrested. But as aesthetically pleasing as these firing replicas are, one key element was always missing: sound.

Enter: Bakuon Gun-Sound replicas.

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The Best Way to Kill Bambi: An Interview with One of Japan’s Few Gun Owners

In Japan it is a crime to own a gun; simple as that! …Okay, not quite. It’s not an easy task, but with proper training and a hard-earned permit, it is possible to become a legal gun owner in Japan. Down in Kumamoto Prefecture, we managed to share a word with one such gun owner. This 68-year-old man has had his own hunting rifle for quite a long time, but didn’t have many chances to go out shooting when busy with his full-time job and the daily grind. Now that he’s old and retired, he’s putting his gun permit to good use and making the most out of his remaining years. You won’t want to miss our full interview with this rare breed of gun-toting Japanese huntsman. Read More

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