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Japan is well-known for its low crime-rate. Only a select few are permitted to own firearms, theft is rare, and the country’s violent crime statistics are among the lowest in the world.

But while you’ll almost never hear of a drive-by shooting in Japan, it turns out that members of the public in one Osaka town have been living in fear recently after a band of rambunctious scallywags took to cruising the streets at night and pelting pedestrians with eggs from the window of a moving car, at one time even stocking up on as many as 50 eggs with which to launch their reign of tamago terror.

Police in Osaka’s Suminoe-ku announced on April 30 that they had detained three high school students and one company employee, all male and aged between 17 and 19, on charges of assault.

Suminoe Police began receiving reports from locals over the past two weeks of a group of males throwing eggs from the window of a moving car, with one 23-year-old woman taking direct hits to the head and back as she cycled home from her part-time job late one night.

Police eventually tracked down the scoundrels and brought them in for questioning, whereupon it was discovered that on at least one occasion the young men had purchased 50 eggs before hitting the streets to ensure they had plenty of ammo to sling at members of the public.

“It was funny to see people’s shocked reactions,” one of the boys reportedly admitted to police. “We got about six people on the 20th alone.”

They have each been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and are due to be publicly flogged by Thomas the Tank Engine narrator and former The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr every day at noon for the duration of the Golden Week holidays.

OK, maybe that very last part’s a lie…

Source: MSN Sankei News
Feature image: Cascade Family Chiro