Those aren’t hearts the penguin is dancing around.

One of the keys to being happy is letting yourself celebrate the small victories in life. For example, yesterday I was cleaning my house and my glasses slipped off my face, and when I managed to catch them before they fell to the ground, I actually told myself “Nice catch, Casey” out loud.

So I’m not going to cast aspersions on Japanese Twitter user @gomachannel0 for the unusual content of a slightly braggadocios message she sent out through popular messaging app Line. Unfortunately, instead of sending it to her husband as she intended, she sent it to a salesman at one of her company’s suppliers.

▼ @gomachannel0’s Line message

Given the cute dancing penguin surrounded by hearts, you might think @gomachannel0 had crafted a lovey-dovey note telling her husband that she wuvs him just soooo much. But no, the actual content of her message was:

“I took a big dump. THIS MUCH poop came out.”

Yep, for the purposes of this particular missive, those aren’t supposed to be hearts surrounding the penguin, but multiple clumpy turds.

Making things worse is that @gomachannel0 says that her dealings with this salesman are completely professional, with the two routinely communicating with one another in keigo, the extra-polite and polished form of the Japanese language. @gomachannel0 didn’t even notice she’d mistakenly sent her poop announcement to him until two hours later, when the salesman finally and formally responded with:

“I understand the situation.”

@gomachannel0’s tale prompted a mixture of laughs, sympathy, and questions. She explained that while she doesn’t suffer from constipation, she and her husband inform each other of each and every one of their bowel movements (a practice instigated by her husband that she goes along with, suggesting that she’s an extremely accommodating life partner). But while some commenters worried that the startlingly intimate nature of her Line message might get her in trouble with her boss, @gomachannel0 told them no to fret, since she’s actually her company’s president.

So while her next conversation about ordering office supplies is probably going to be a little awkward, @gomachannel0 is in no danger of losing her job. Because in the end, owning your own company means you can be as crazy as you want.

Source: Twitter/@gomachannel0 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@gomachannel0

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