Finally, a tool for those who cannot even boil water properly

As a regular consumer of Cup Noodles and other instant-noodle-based foods, I think it says a lot about the character of myself and those like me.

Yes, the Cup Noodle connoisseur is a person of extreme refinement. While others eat hunks of animal flesh, crudely cut from the bone, at fancy restaurants like a bunch of savages, we enjoy our meat heavily refined into efficiently small cubes.

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However, the instant-ramen lifestyle is not all roses and chili peppers. Thanko, the inventors of novel inventions such as the nose-hair-trimming smartphone attachment and USB pollen-blocking hood, are aware of this and have addressed said problems in their latest device: The Makase-Tei.

Finally, the hassle of making instant ramen is no more. No more having to go find a pot or kettle like some kind of Dickensian peasant, and no more dealing with the potentially harmful effects of scalding hot water on you or those you love.

Left: Guy watching a pot of water boil like a dumb idiot, Right: Guy watching water boil in a Makase-Tei like a man of wealth and taste

The way it works is simple, just put the instant food into the device which can adjust to fit any sized cup, then pour water into it. Then, just set it and forget it!

Makase-Tei handles it all, from boiling the water to starting the three-minute timer. It even acts as a lid during heating which means an end to trying to keep that foil flap down with a trashy romance novel or whatever else is lying around the kitchen.

All this can be yours for only 5,980 yen (US$55). And considering time is money, the seconds saved by Makase-Tei’s precision timing and automation will make it practically pay for itself after about a decade or so of heavy use.

▼ Makase-Tei even boasts faster boiling than standard pots

To some this might still seem like a ridiculous waste of money to solve problems that don’t exist. But to them I can only say that if you’re not living the instant-ramen lifestyle, then you just can’t understand.

That being said, I’m still going to hold out until they add a function that delivers surface acoustic waves into the foil lid of instant yakisoba to dislodge random bits of cabbage. Only then will the Makase-Tei be truly as refined as a tiny cube of mystery meat.

Source: Thanko
Images: Thanko press release (unless otherwise noted)
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