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Japan loves limited time offers. There must be a department in every company in Japan with people whose purpose is to think of items they can sell for a limited time. Don’t believe us? Walk into a convenience store weekly and see the multitude of new drinks and new foods that appear and suddenly disappear when their time is up. The limited time offer, is nothing new, but it seems that Japan embraces the concept more than anyone else. It’s a handy way to get customers to continue to visit your store, or buy your products if every month or few months your products change.

With the World Cup just around the corner, companies in Japan are rolling out their limited time World Cup products and today we have a few that try to capture the flavor of Brazilian food.

First, from Nissin, the cup noodle company, comes World Cup versions of three of their most popular products: Cup Noodle Brazilian Chicken Noodle, U.F.O. Brazilian Chicken Yakisoba, and Chicken Ramen Bowl Brazilian Chicken.

It won’t take a trip to Nissin Headquarters or the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama to create these unique flavors, they will be sold at all convenience stores and supermarkets starting May 26 for about 170 yen not including tax (about US$1.67).

To achieve these Brazilian versions, each of the noodles use their own set of spices and flavors.

1) Cup Noodle Brazilian Chicken Noodle

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The cup noodle version makes use of a special chicken base that has a wonderful , savory smell of grilled chicken. To that, Nissin has added, oregano, basil, black pepper, and a complimenting spicy flavor. The ingredients make use of real foods including blackened chicken, among other things.

2) U.F.O. Brazilian Chicken Yakisoba

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Nissin’s U.F.O. yakisoba combines their traditional yakisoba with a grilled chicken sauce, peppers, paprika, cumin, and oregano that creates their Brazilian Chicken but also with real pieces of steamed chicken! With the addition of black pepper, you can really enjoy a spicy flavor.

3) Chicken Ramen Bowl Brazilian Chicken

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Last from Nissin, their ever-popular chicken ramen has been “Brazilified” with pieces of blackened chicken and an assortment of spices to make this cup noodle really one of a kind!

Here’s what your Brazilian feast will look like after Nissin’s recommended three minutes!

Food may appear different from below image

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But that’s not all! From Koikeya we have a Brazilian BBQ potato chip!

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This chip is attempting to imitate the flavor of churrasco, or a kind of barbecue originating in Brazil. Known for its use of a variety of meats (pork, sausage and chicken) this potato chip flavor will emulate that with a meat base flavor and a combination of South American spices to create a one of a kind chip.

Source: Entabe (noodles, potato chips)
Images: EntabeNissin Foods, Koikeya