Pikachu, I choose you!

For those of you who worked up an appetite searching the world for pokémon on Google Maps, Denny’s has the perfect snack! As of April 1, the chain’s Japanese restaurants will be offering Pokémon-themed pancakes on their new menu. Pikachu comes with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, honey, whipped cream, and bite-sized pieces of orange, banana and raspberry.

Unfortunately the Pikachu pancakes can only be ordered for kids of elementary school age or younger. With the popularity of Pokémon games with people of all ages, we’d certainly like to see cute stacks adults can enjoy, too.

Denny’s has been serving up pancakes for 40 years, so they certainly know their way around a… er, pan. For their brand new pancake recipe, they’ve used their expertise to find the perfect combination of ingredients and techniques to produce pancakes that are noticeably thicker and fluffier than ever. In fact, there are only three pancakes in their substantial tall stack! You can also get a two-pancake short stack, but really, why would you?

The most basic of the new varieties is the Caramel Honey Pancakes. Even so, they are luxurious, with rivulets of caramel sauce and honey running through vanilla ice cream and crushed almond topping.

▼With whipped cream ears and tail, it can evolve into RaichuCome ready with a Poké Ball!

It only gets better with the Honey Berry Pancakes. These are topped with a four-berry honey sauce, including chunks of strawberry, blackcurrant, blueberry and cranberry.

▼Stick a couple pancake paws on there and it could become “Berrytic.”

Pokémon champions know Berrytic is vulnerable to forks.

Their most decadent flavor is their Double Chocolate Sauce Pancakes. It takes its name from the fact that the pancakes are covered in both dark and milk chocolate sauces. The name is actually an understatement, as it’s also topped in chocolate ice cream and chocolate flavored puffed corn.

▼May we suggest “Chocozard”? CHOCOZARD used SWEET WAVE!

Whether you’re coming for a cute fix or just to satisfy a sweet tooth, you’re bound to enjoy these additions to Denny’s menu.

Source: NariNari, Denny’s
Images: Denny’s