Even if you’re not a parent yourself, try imagining yourself in their shoes.

A new hashtag’s trending in the Japanese Twitterverse: #育児なんてほんの一瞬目を離したらこう, which loosely translates to “This is what happens when you take your eyes off them for even a second.” You can probably guess that the tag is referring to the joys of child-rearing, and the daily struggles that parents face trying to keep their little ones out of trouble.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite tweets of the little troublemakers and their mischief below. Enjoy the scenes from the safety of your screens!

▼ Hey, that’s not where a phone should be! Silly phone.

▼ So many fun things to tug on.


▼ Just chillin.’


▼ No! Not the (paper) shoji door!!


▼ “Arghhh! ‘I drew a long one’ he said.”

▼ Found the diaper supply, have you?


▼ This little one found a used ear cleaner…and tried to eat it! At least her funny reaction was preserved for eternity.

▼ “He always goes after the tissues.”


▼ In case the training chopsticks weren’t enough.

▼ Honey, we flattened the kid!

▼ “It’s Mommy’s bad for taking my eyes off of him for even an instant (tears).”

▼ OK, this one is too stinkin’ cute!!

▼ As is this one


Let’s end with the obligatory Armageddon shot:

▼ “A great disaster”

All right, kiddos, mischief managed. You win this round.

Source: Togetter
Top image: Twitter/@kanashimacat