We here at RocketNews24 take pride in introducing you to all manner of strange things to come out of Asia, which most definitely includes news about any bizarre inventions we see floating around.

This time, our “Pointless Asian Invention of the Week” is sure to make you chortle. Introducing the Napkin Table, the perfect portable table for whenever you find yourself out in the wilderness with your partner and need a place to picnic!

The Napkin Table is brought to you courtesy of a couple of Taiwanese graduates of industrial design. Regarding their new creation, they not only wanted to design an easily portable table, but also to “improve the relationship and interaction between people when eating.” And how does one accomplish that goal? By literally suspending a table between you and your significant other like a hammock. 

Let’s check out the new contraption:

▼When folded up, the table can be carried around like a purse.


▼When you’re ready to eat, simply open the table and pull it apart.


▼Loop the handles around your necks to get it into position, then push a button to flatten the board.


▼Voilà! You’re all ready to dine.


▼Don’t forget to secure your drinks in the cup holders.


▼You can easily wipe your mouth with the attached washable napkin.


▼It even has a little pocket holder for utensils! Kawaii ♥


▼Plenty of room for lots of food


▼Just another familiar scene of a young couple out on a date.


See some diners in action in these videos:

If you ask us, while the Napkin Table idea is great in theory, it seems like the designers of the table could have channeled their creative energies into designing something a bit more, well, useful to humanity. It looks like there are still a few kinks to work out too, not the least of which is its actual stability. For instance, what if one person is significantly taller than the other? Or what if there are three of you? And although the point of the table is to foster positive interaction, it looks awfully hard to lean in for a kiss without making a royal mess…

Actually, we think the table has even better potential to serve as a reconciliation strategy for quarreling couples, a la these kids:

get along

What better way to make a couple get along than by tying them together?

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