Do you often find your purse, backpack, attaché case is crammed with sugary snacks to help you through your day? If so you may want to follow these girls’ example and have your snacks become the bag.

These images surfaced on the Facebook page of Oneul Mwo Meogji (What to Eat Today?) which generally is a pretty awesome collection of foodstuffs out of Korea such as Birthday Cake Flavored Oreos and Nutella & Cheese Sandwiches.

Sprinkled amongst those food masterpieces are some shots of these junk food knapsacks in which you can truly have your favorite foods on the go. However, to get one it appears to have to be a special occasion. Based on some of the comments it would seem that they are given out as presents during times like birthdays.


There seems to be a lot of variations to how these things are put together as well. Some are simply bundles of snacks and candies with straps also forged of elongated foods attached end to end.

Some are well-engineered fully functional backpacks with even more snacks inside. This is especially great because you can start eating your gift right away without ruining the integrity of the pack.

This one even has a cup holder!

Some commenters pointed out that this wasn’t an especially new trend and provided a still-shot from seven years ago with the quality of an image taken 25 years ago.

Regardless of whether they are new or old, for birthdays or just tokens of affection they’re actually very considerate gifts to give. Have you ever gotten a gift so big that you were of course grateful but soon slightly dismayed at how you were going to get it home? These snack packs take care of that problem in the most fun way possible. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden craving for Cheese Balls.

Source: Facebook – Oneul Mwo Meogji (Korean) h/t Kotaku US