These Sailor Moon pajamas are sure to add a little magical moon prism power to your downtime!

It’s no secret that Sailor Moon-themed merchandise is never in short supply, from genuine make-up products to legally valid marriage registration forms. Now, Premium Bandai has added another lovely offering to that list: comfortable and adorable  pajamas.

That’s right, you can now lounge in pajamas showcasing your favorite sailor guardians, and once you see that pictures, we think you’ll agree that the designs certainly don’t disappoint. What makes them especially delightful is that the pajamas feature prints of the Sailor Moon characters in cute, miniature versions (or, as some fans might call them, chibi or super-deformed versions).

The pajamas come in two designs, both available in medium and large sizes.

▼ Here’s the design in pink and white stripes, decorated all over with the miniature sailor guardian prints.

▼ Yup, you can definitely relax in style in these pajamas,

▼ We love how they’ve miniaturized the sailor guardians!

▼ And this is the second pajama design in navy.

▼ The Sailor Moon characters are shown as just one decorative design on the right front.

▼ Here’s the print up-close.

▼ There’s also a pink Sailor Moon logo right above the hem of the left pant leg.

Both pajama sets are made in a slightly stretchy, mostly polyester material and are currently available for pre-order on Premium Bandai’s online shop for 8,800 yen (US$82) with shipment scheduled later this year in November.

So, while fans of the brave sailor guardians may be disappointed that the Sailor Moon restaurant in Tokyo which was supposed to be a permanent fixture has now closed, perhaps they can take comfort at the prospect of being able to watch the trailer for the new Sailor Moon movie slated for release in January of 2021 while wearing one of these pajamas — as great a way as any to relax, if you ask us!

Source: Premium Bandai
Top image: Premium Bandai
Insert images: Premium Bandai (1, 2)
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