While each member of the core cast of Sailor Moon has her own personality, the one descriptor that works across the board for the Sailor Senshi is “helpful.” Even protagonist Usagi, for all of her lack of willpower regarding the temptations of junk food and video games, is always ready to lend a hand to those in need when the chips are down.

Case in point: Not only will the hit anime’s magical girls protect your town from interdimensional monsters on a weekly basis, they’ll even keep you company during your coffee break, in the form of these cheerful Sailor Moon figures that’ll cling to the edge of your cup as you sip your beverage.

This year’s Summer Wonder Festival just wrapped up last weekend, and among the items exhibited at the model and figure expo were these three Sailor Moon cup companions. While many of the creations shown at Wonder Festival are one-offs or for display purposes only, now you can order these super-deformed Sailor Senshi through Bandai’s Premium Bandai website.


Part of the Ocha Tomo Series, the set features the first three members of the series’ solar system’s worth of heroines, Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Mars.



▼ Sadly, the Sailor Mars figure isn’t capable of actually producing flames to keep your hot beverages warm.


Aside from their endearing winks, the figures’ high-quality pearl paint goes a long way in justifying their more-expensive-than-gachapon price tag. The set of three is listed at 1,620 yen (US$13), and can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai website. The bundle pack will also be offered at toy retailer Kiddy Land’s branches in Tokyo’s Harajuku and Osaka’s Umeda for those who prefer the instant gratification of buying anime merchandise and/or complaining about how the set doesn’t include Sailor Jupiter face-to-face.

Source images: Premium Bandai