While some may dread their birthdays, we like to think everyone deserves the chance to have their existence celebrated. Heck, even if you’re not a real person, you still deserve to have a happy birthday, right? Especially if you’re a shape-shifting titan!

That’s right, in case you missed it, August 1 was none other than Reiner Braun’s birthday! And considering how popular Attack on Titan is, it’s no surprise that adoring fans pulled out all the stop to celebrate. Though we have to admit, we think they probably could have left a few stops in place…

The going rate for a picture may be a thousand words…but these might tell much longer stories. Here are some of the best Twitter photos celebrating Reiner’s birthday.

Our first set was tweeted by Japanese Twitter user @mmmaaaoook. His message was simple but accurate: “Wall Reiner. Happy birthday, Reiner! #ReinerBraunBirthdayFestival2014 #ReinerBirthdayWishesRT”

Attack of Clone Wars anyone?

reiner_m (1)

▼He really wasn’t kidding about that wall, was he?

reiner_m (2)

▼Tap to deal 1 point of direct damage? D’oh, wrong card game!

reiner_m (3)

While the wall of Reiner was certainly, um, daunting, sometimes it’s the smallest packages with the biggest bang. For example, when it comes to insane Reiner love, @wall_ggg definitely takes the cake. “Happy birthday, Reiner! I made a cake. (Let’s get married.) #ReinerBirthdayFestival2014 #AugustFirstReinerBirthday #ReinerBirthdayWishesRT #AttackOnTitan #Let’sGetMarried”

▼Reiner ass cake? Well, it’s the thought that counts, right?


Our next set of photos comes from @shibainu177, whose tweet was linguistically simple but visually striking. Check out the tweet and photos below.

▼Yep, these photos are sparkling.

reiner_s (1)

▼At first, you’re like, “Oh, this person sure has a lot of Reiner stuff…”

reiner_s (2)

▼And then you realize this is actually an altar. So that makes it all better, right?

reiner_s (3)

And speaking of altars to Reiner–which would be an awesome post-grunge Seattle shoegaze band name, in case you’re looking–here’s another fan who loves Attack on Titan more than you will love anything ever. Look, @labbitboy, we totally get obsessively buying all the merchandise from your favorite shows, but maybe shake things up a bit and get some train stamps or something.

▼Oh, wait, there’s a pink Buddha head in there.
Oh, wait, there’s a pink Buddha head in there?!

reiner_l (1)

▼We will say this though, that is an exceptionally tidy alter.

reiner_l (2)

▼We get buying duplicates, but maybe you could get rid of one or two?

reiner_l (3)

▼On the other hand, why stop at two when you have ten? Sounds reasonable to us!

reiner_l (4)

Taking things down a notch, our next Reiner birthday tweet isn’t packed with dozens and dozens of figures–but it certainly is quite festive! Tweeted by @hatoyama3_3, the photo comes with this ecstatic message: “Happy birthday, Reiner! I like you as the soldier loved by all, but I’m looking forward to seeing you as an even more active warrior! Stay the always cool Reiner you are! #ReinerBirthdayFestival2014”



The final photo celebrating Reiner’s birthday is a happy medium between obsessive merchandise collecting and cake. There are still a ton of Reiner keychains, but maybe @1ichirurey0801 owns a car rental shop. Regardless, the photo below came with the message: “Happy birthday, Reiner!!! I like you, the older ‘brother’ everyone relies on, more than anything! I pray that you’ll be able to make it back to your hometown safely!”

▼Sure, sure, hometowns, happy birthday, give us some caaaaaake!


Well, we’re a few days late, but we’d still like to wish Reiner a happy birthday! To celebrate, we’re gong to listen to a 10-minute loop of Reiner grunting on YouTube. Feel free to join, but be sure to put on your headphones first…it’s probably not something you’d want your boss to overhear…

Source: Jin115, Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Images: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)