Celebrate another year of life by putting it in jeopardy with this birthday candle flower

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Japanese sweets artist makes incredible Pokémon cake for son’s birthday

Rowlet becomes Grass and Fire type with the addition of birthday candles.

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The world’s oldest living person, Kane Tanaka, turned 119 this month

Happy birthday, Kane!

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Turn a self-isolation birthday into a tasty party celebration with this smart hack from Japan

All you’ll need is one slice of cake and the mind of a ninja

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Japanese woman’s super sweet birthday surprise from husband comes all the way from Moominvalley

The cozy photos of a fun day spent with a Moomin friend had everyone online clamoring for a visit, too!

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Mr. Sato gets surprised with the Mr. Sato Car for his birthday

Usually people would be happy to get a car for their birthday, but in this case we were giving Mr. Sato even odds that he might punch us.

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People all over the world wish Mickey Mouse a very happy 88th birthday!【Video】

It helps that he’s willing to travel the globe to receive our birthday wishes.

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Japanese grandma gets a hot mess of a cake for her 68th birthday【Video】

Because nothing says “happy birthday” better than a potential fire hazard.

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We finally know the age of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

US officials closely monitor North Korea’s activities, so it might come as a surprise that we’ve been missing some basic information on its leader, Kim Jong Un.

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Pata the Otter celebrates her 20th birthday with a photo exhibit!

You otter brace yourself for a wave of cuteness.

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Worst birthday present ever? Japanese brother’s gift puzzle leads to a “fabulous” prize

It’s gotta be worth it, right?

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Japanese PM Abe accidentally thanks the inventor of the retweet while trying to reach Indian PM

Some of you may have noticed during the royal rumble that ensued in the Japanese Parliament late last week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe quietly slipped out while members of his party continued to fight back a horde of angry legislators so that they could usher in changes to the way the constitution is understood. At first, I wondered why he would duck out at such a moment, but then I remembered: it’s his biiirthdaaay♪

Yes, on 21 September, Japan’s fearless leader turned 61. Unfortunately his age is really starting to show in his lack computer savvy. We already know the PM has his own Twitter account after Abe revealed that he pays his Twitter fees just like the rest of us. But apparently he still hasn’t grasped how to use the “@” symbol properly when a message of thanks to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi accidentally went to the wrong guy, who also just happened to help develop Twitter.

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Father plasters son’s face across town to celebrate sweet sixteenth

How would you celebrate your child’s sweet sixteenth? A low-key dinner with close family? A big bash for them and all their friends? Or perhaps plastering their face across billboards all over town? One Chinese father decided to go for the latter option…

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Naruto’s birthday is October 10, along with dozens of other characters

There’s something about October 10 and the appeal of seeing 10/10 that makes it a particularly popular character birthday. Like CLAMP‘s reuse of April 1, plenty ofcharacters were “born” on October 10 and the day has only gotten more popular since the spread of moe and the day’s unofficial recognition as “Moe Day” (10 October (十日十月), stacked, resembles the character for moe: 萌).

One character’s birthday this year is especially bittersweet. Naruto Uzamaki, everyone’s famous ninja, is celebrating his last birthday this year since his manga run is ending in just a few weeks.

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Internet wishes Attack on Titan’s Reiner a happy birthday, things get just a little weird

While some may dread their birthdays, we like to think everyone deserves the chance to have their existence celebrated. Heck, even if you’re not a real person, you still deserve to have a happy birthday, right? Especially if you’re a shape-shifting titan!

That’s right, in case you missed it, August 1 was none other than Reiner Braun’s birthday! And considering how popular Attack on Titan is, it’s no surprise that adoring fans pulled out all the stop to celebrate. Though we have to admit, we think they probably could have left a few stops in place…

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Happy birthday, Famicom! The console that bought video games back from the dead turns 31 today

The Nintendo Family Computer, which quickly came to be known by the abbreviation-loving Japanese simply as the Famicom, was launched in its native land in 1983, a time when the world was still in black-and-white and people travelled to work by horse-drawn cart. It was a grim, unforgiving time, but games like Donkey Kong and Popeye made life that bit brighter, and before long people even had electricity and TV sets to connect their new consoles to instead of just staring at the back of the games’ boxes.

Today, on this space-age date of July 15, 2014, the Famicom turns 31 years old, so we felt it would be a good time to think about just how much we owe this little bundle of plastic and circuitry.

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We attend Sailor Moon’s birthday bash — and watch a preview of Sailor Moon Crystal!

Do you know what June 30 is? Well, it may be the day where you say to yourself, “Oh my gosh, half the year is over! How could it have gone by so quickly?” but you just might find yourself being punished in the name of the moon if you don’t remember one other important event that takes place on that day. Yes, June 30 is Sailor Moon’s birthday, or Usagi Tsukino’s birthday if you prefer to call her by her “human” name.

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime series soon to be released, this year’s birthday was bound to be a special one for our Usagi-chan. And special it was! A huge birthday event in honor of our beloved warrior princess, including a preview screening of the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, was held in collaboration with fashion magazine ViVi on June 30 in the Tokyo Odaiba area. And since it was supposed to be kind of a girls’ night out, the event was apparently only open to women, or men accompanied by women.

We definitely couldn’t miss out on this party, and we promptly sent one of our reporters from our Japanese sister site — we couldn’t wait to see what the huge do would be like!

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We try making dried flowers using a special, fast technique and get unexpectedly good results

Guys, are you scrambling to find a romantic White Day gift by March 14? If you want something a bit more classy to go along with your donuts or gummy udon, then maybe you should try this easy, do-it-yourself gift idea (and you’ll even get bonus points since it’s homemade!). Our sister site Pouch ran an article yesterday about how to make your very own dried flower bouquet in a matter of minutes. It’s a perfect present to surprise your friend with on a birthday or special occasion, too. Of course, the best part is that the flowers won’t fade away, so you can enjoy them and the memory for a long time. Plus, you’ll be shocked at just how easy it is!

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December 25th – one very special man’s birthday!

Every year on this December 25, thousands gather online and pay tribute to the man whose numerous sacrifices and wondrous acts have helped to make our world a better place… by killing titans.

That’s right, December 25 is the birthday of Levi from Attack on Titan, and as such fans has taken to Twitter to celebrate. Several photos of Levi cakes and shrines have been posted online that are so intense you’d have to believe at least one person was institutionalized as a result of today.

That droopy-eyed wunderkind of the Survey Corps Special Operations Squad sure has a hardcore fan-base. Let’s take a look.

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Enter for a chance to win a tour of the emperor’s home!

Next year, the Japanese emperor, Akihito, turns 80 years old. That’s a pretty respectable age for just about anyone, we’d say. In celebration, the Imperial Household Agency has announced plans to open up the Imperial Palace to a select group of lucky commoners to be selected by lottery. Hmm…are you feeling lucky?

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