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Compared to most other action anime, the cast of Attack on Titan has a pretty low-survival rate. This could be because their opponents are remorseless man-eating giants, but is another key factor that fact that the Survey Corps’ uniforms are poorly suited for the duties the heroes perform? Sure, those cloaks look dramatically stylish, but they’re also bulky and movement-limiting, so maybe it’s about time Eren and his pals changed into some official Attack on Titan exercise wear from Adidas.

Adidas’ boasts that its Techfit fabric dries fast and breathes well, which should make it just the kind of material you’ll want your clothing to be made of as you bravely fight or wisely flee rampaging Titans. Fittingly, you can now order short-sleeved Techfit shirts with the Survey Corps’ Wings of Freedom insignia emblazoned on the chest.

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The Attack on Titan logo also shows up in a special patch on the right edge of the waist hem.

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Finally, the right sleeve features an image of either protagonist Eren or show-stealing Levi.

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The 6,000-yen (US$50) shirts can be ordered here through Adidas’ online Japanese store, and also at the Adidas Performance Center retail shop in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood. For customers ordering online, first select a color, then choose either the Eren (エレン) or Levi (リヴァオ) version from the drop-down menu (circled in red in the image below). Orders take three weeks to process.

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While you’re at it, you might want to pick up a pair of shorts and some athletic shoes, too, both of which would be mobility-boosting improvements over the snug-fitting breeches and riding boots the Survey Corps usually wears.

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