As the saying goes, if you like it you should put a ring on it, so…don’t mind if we do!

Giant-fighting anime Attack on Titan is currently airing its second season. We first saw Eren and company rocket across our screens back in 2013 when the initial season aired, and since then, we’ve had the “pleasure” of watching a couple of live-action adaptations (among other things), so fans have been clamoring for a return to the television animation that worked so well. Now, those with a bit of extra cash lying around have the perfect way to celebrate with some official jewelry from premium Bandai’s fashion line.

This collaboration with Attack on Titan and Material Crown has produced three pieces of decadent jewelry suitable for any occasion. Two of the three pieces are rings stylized with the wings of the Scout Corps that both Eren and Levi are stationed with. The Eren version has a silver band with green gems affixed as an inset, green being the same color as the character’s eyes. The combination of the bright, silver band with the vivid green is representative of those who fight against destiny with strength and determination.

▼ And it comes in a neat box!

▼ Eren’s name is also engraved on the inside of the band.

The second ring is fashioned after Levi, who’s rumored to be the strongest of them and is known for his cool exterior. The blue stones compliment the subtle but powerful strength Levi has.

▼ A second really neat box!

▼ Also an engraving of Levi’s name.

Fans will recognize the final piece of jewelry in this collection as it’s modeled after the key Eren’s father gives to his son at the very beginning of the series. Don’t let the dainty chain fool you as this necklace is just as important as the necklace in the story, which carries a secret related to the plot of Attack on Titan.

All three of these items are available for pre-order from the Premium Bandai website, with the rings costing 11,880 yen (US$110) each and the necklace 15,120 yen ($140). While there are other ways to show your love of the series, this jewelry is a flashy yet subtle way to acknowledge the raging power that lies within. Match them with some snazzy athletic gear or a set of rolling luggage and your fandom game will be gigantically advanced!

Source: Nijimen
Top image: Premium Bandai
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