If you thought you’d seen all the weird and wonderful Attack on Titan collaborations on the market, you may want to think again because now Takara Tomy have jumped on the wagon with two special versions of their very popular and highly collectible Choro-Q toy cars.

These pullback-spring racer cars are known for their manga-inspired designs and cutely inaccurate proportions. However, this is the first time they’ve featured the likes of Levi and Eren. And just to add to the weird cuteness, they’re seated in the driver’s seat of an angry, disembodied Colossal Titan.

On sale from 20 June for 896 yen (US$7.48) each, the compact cars measure in at 75mm in width and 120mm in height. With powerful spring action on the back wheels, imagine the fun you can have pulling these back and racing them against each other on the smooth floors of your tiny Tokyo apartment!

▼ Eren, with his open mouth, appears to be summoning up his Titan roar to overpower the otherworldly vehicle

Attack 2

▼ Levi, on the other hand, is making a mental note to talk to his agent about playing the fool for everyone’s entertainment. Smile for the cameras, Levi!


Choro-Q cars (choro-choro means to dash around in Japanese while Q stand for cute) were first made by Takara in 1978 and proved popular overseas, where they were marketed as Penny Racers. With a long history of tapping into current trends and appealing to the demands of their customers, who knows what types of cars and drivers will be popping up next?

Source and Images: Takara Tomy