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“Bored of Tokyo”, you say?! It’s impossible to run out of things to do in Tokyo! Ever-evolving fashion, more Michelin stars than any other city in the world, and hundreds and hundreds of art museums and galleries…

“Oh yeah! Art! Like that erotic gallery in Ginza that’s been taken over by sex dolls for the month of August! Tell me more about that!”

Oh. Well…if you insist.

▼ Not living dolls (although we at RocketNews24 are pretty fascinated by those too). Just dolls.


“Inflatable dolls, right!?”

Not exactly. Inflatable dolls are the bargain-basement version. These girls are the crème de la crème of the Japanese sex doll industry – fully customisable, made of silicon for as lifelike a skin-feel as possible, and can cost thousands of dollars. The makers say they’re the best quality, the most famous love dolls in the world. Skin so soft it feels like it’s melting; the height of feminine beauty; a gaze that’s only reserved for you…

“Hang on a second. When you say ‘customisable’…?”

The buyers of these dolls can choose all kinds of features such as the bust size, look, and hair (head and body). Also the size of the, ahem, “hole parts”: there’s a choice of “tight fit” or “loose fit”.

Well, you did ask!

“Moving on. So what’s up with this exhibition thing?”

I’m glad you asked. It’s hosted by Orient Industry, the doll-makers behind that weird Lady Gaga stunt where you could squeeze a silicon Gaga and listen to her new album. The exhibition is being held at Vanilla Gallery, an erotic art space in Ginza…

“Oh, Ginza! I’ve heard of that. Isn’t that a bit swanky?”

Indeed. It’s a pretty upmarket shopping area in Tokyo.

Fact of the day: Orient Industry is actually the company that coined the phrase “love doll”, to distinguish their product from the cheap-o inflatable kind, which was called a “dutch wife”.

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“What can I – er, I mean – what can visitors see there?”

At the fourth annual Jinzou shoujo (love dolls or, more literally, “man-made little girls”) exhibition, you can see tons of top-quality silicon love dolls, including the newest models, and learn about Orient Industry’s “vision of the future”. Entry is just 1,000 yen (around US $10).

“What else is on offer?”
You can see the metal moulds used to cast the dolls, too. And if you can make it to the special event on Saturday, August 9, there’ll be a “posing expert” on hand, and you’ll even get a souvenir photo with one of the silicon ladies!

▼ Looking at this picture I’d like to know how much they’re paying that “posing specialist”.



“Anything else I should know? Just, you know, in case I have an interested friend, or something.”

Vanilla Gallery is in the Tosei Bldg, B2F 8-10-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061. The exhibition is open every day until August 23. Closing times vary (12-7pm Mon-Thurs, 12-8pm Fri, 12-5pm Sat/Sun). In other words, don’t try and drop in on your way back from the pub.

“Can I take my little brother?”

Not unless he’s 18 or older, no.

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Images: Vanilla Gallery