Rabbits are the latest trend to sweep through the world of feline cosplay.

Japanese capsule toy manufacturer Kitan Club has delighted pet owners in the past with unusual headgear for cats, in the form of kitty bandanas and fluffy little sheep bonnets. Following the immense success of these limited-edition products, the company has decided to continue their venture into feline cosplay territory with a new release they’re calling the “Kawaii Kawaii Neko Usagi-chan” or “Cute Cute Cat Bunny” collection.

The five designs in the range include:

▼ A white bonnet with adorable, soft pink ears


▼ A black bonnet with light grey-coloured ears


▼ A baby pink design with contrasting white accents


▼ A baby blue-and-white design


▼ And a light brown and pink variety


The five designs will be on sale from 13 December for 300 yen each, and can be purchased from gacha capsule toy vending machines around the country. While the type of bonnet you receive is entirely up to the gacha machine vending gods, we have a feeling cats won’t be particularly fussed with whatever you bring home, either way.


Given that photos of cats in headgear started appearing all over social media after their last two releases came out, Kitan Club have decided to add a video contest as part of the promotional activities for the new product.


To enter the competition, simply add a video (no longer than ten seconds) featuring your cat wearing one of Kitan Club’s kitty headgear pieces, along with a creative caption and the hashtag #ねこのかぶりものムビコン (“Cat Headgear Movie Contest”). Being the master of surprises, Kitan Club is yet to reveal what the prizes will be, but with more than 800,000 units sold so far in the series, we’re sure there’ll be a lot of pet owners eager to take part in the new promotional campaign!

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Images: Kitan Club Press Release