Puccho, Pomeranian dog with dentures

Here’s a small but concentrated dose of silliness for those of you who need an afternoon (or morning, or evening) pick-me-up. And it’s a good opportunity to prove that canines can be monarchs of the World Wide Web too!

Did it take a moment for you to realize what’s going on in the photo on the right? No, it’s not another before/after photo of plastic surgery or a sad tale of a dog that auditioned for a Dentastix commercial and failed; it’s what happened when a Japanese Twitterer visited her grandmother’s house with her Pomeranian pup. Reactions ranged from “Cute!” to “Ew!” to “Scary!”, but as a beloved villain with the wicked grin put it, “Let’s put a smile on that face!”

Earlier this month, owner @riekun1011 Tweeted simply, “I took my dog to my grandma’s, and he brought her dentures from somewhere…” Little did she know that this lucky snapshot of her adorable Puccho would entertain scads of Japanese netizens and be retweeted close to thirty thousand times!

▼ Here’s another photo of Puccho and his new teeth.
We wonder if he was able to eat with those dentures in…

pomeranian dog Puccho with dentures, Japanese Twitter

Aside from all the “Too cute!” and “It’s just the right size!” comments, there were some that doubted that this occurrence was pure coincidence. A few commenters, however, piped up to support @riekun1011, saying that the same thing happened with their dogs as well. I guess dentures are like chew toys, albeit expensive ones?

▼ “Hmph. I’m so tired of these accusations.”

pomeranian dog Puccho, Japanese Twitter

Other commenters couldn’t quite see the cute:

No, this is the stuff horror is made of!

If this were the middle of the night I’d definitely be screaming.

He looks like an Apostle from the Berserk series.

Kinda looks like Kaneki’s mask from Tokyo Ghoul…

Aaah, he ate the grandma!

▼ “C’mon, is this the face of a grandma eater? Kaneki, maybe, but not me. Now take me to a summer festival!”

pomeranian dog Puccho in yukata, Japanese Twitter

And lastly, one question remains: does Puccho actually have teeth? Here’s a photo that’ll put your mind at ease (it was a bit difficult to find one that showed his pearly whites, but see some in the back there?).

▼ “Quit studying for your English test and pet me, you fool. ”

pomeranian dog Puccho, Japanese Twitter 2

Sources: Hamster Sokuhou, Twitter
Images: Twitter