While we here at RocketNews24 often feature articles relating to Japan’s beloved Studio Ghibli, it’s no secret that we also have a soft spot for good old Disney animated films. Of course, the hallmark of Disney is its Disney Princess franchise, and we never shy away from sharing any interesting princess-related news that we find floating around the web.

This time around, we’ve stumbled across some absolutely gorgeous Disney character-inspired paintings by oil artist Heather Theurer. If you’ve got a love for Disney girls and are looking to spruce up your walls, then bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, these prints could be the perfect solution for you!

Heather Theurer is a US-based painter who has created some breathtaking works of art. And get this–according to her official website, she has received no formal training in art!

Her site’s gallery boasts an impressive sampling of her artwork, which typically includes the themes of “religious symbolism, fantasy realism, equine and wildlife, and bold reworkings of Disney characters.” In particular, the appeal of her Disney-inspired art lies in her realistic renderings of the girls, while still incorporating important visual motifs from the original Disney films.

Enough of this chit-chat; on to the girls!

▼First up is Brave‘s fire-haired protagonist Merida, the first Scottish princess.


▼Mulan, looking ready as always to make a man out of you.


▼A stunning full-body shot of Rapunzel during Tangled‘s lantern scene.


▼Cinderella with one of her avian helpers. I like how the clothes are very reminiscent of her outfit in the movie.


▼Belle, clutching a precious book and waiting for the Beast, perhaps?


▼As a bonus, we even get to see Heather’s adorable take on Lilo and Stitch!


By the way, did you know? There are currently eleven official Disney princesses in the franchise. Anna and Elsa from last year’s megahit Frozen are also expected to join the line-up soon.

You can purchase reproductions of Heather’s stunning artwork by following the link on her official website. Get busy decorating!

Sources/Images: Geektyran via Gamme News, Heather Theurer