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Over the years, we’ve already seen some lovely creations by Japanese confection maker Ginza Cozy Corner with Disney themes, including sumptuous mini-cakes inspired by Disney villains and characters from the mega-hit film Frozen. This time, to celebrate the “Girl’s Day” festival called Hina Matsuri coming up in Japan next month on March 3, the folks at Cozy Corner have once again come up with some sweet magic, this time in the form of small cakes symbolizing some of Disney’s best known gals. It’s the “Petit Gateau Disney Girl’s Collection” featuring nine of  Disney’s female stars, from Minnie Mouse to Elsa, transformed into bite-sized treats that should be both sweet to taste and a delight to look at!

Yes, the mini-cakes sure make for a pretty, colorful sight! Can you guess which female Disney character each cake represents? Check out the answers below the picture!


From left to right, we have in the top row: Ariel (vanilla mousse and raspberry gelée cake); Marie from The AristoCats (strawberry and cheese flavored tart); and Rapunzel (Mont Blanc cake made with purple sweet potato cream).

In the middle row, we have: Belle (smooth Mont Blanc cake with chestnut cream), Elsa (blueberry and cheese flavored cake), and Tinker Bell (pistachio-based cake with ganache cream).

And lastly, in the bottom row are: Daisy Duck (cheese tart with blueberry jam); Minnie Mouse (strawberry roll cake); and Cinderella (white peach and lychee mousse cake).

Just looking at that selection of cakes gets us in a bright and cheery mood. The only problem we have is that we wouldn’t know which adorable cake to eat first, but at least we know that we want to try all of them!

The set of nine cakes, priced at 2,160 yen (US$18.10), comes in a beautifully illustrated box that should delight Disney fans in particular.cozy 2_R

The first 60 customers at each Cozy Corner branch to purchase or pre-order the set also receive a sheet of magnets with the same lovely illustrations as the box.

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The Petit Gateau Disney Girl’s Collection is available at Cozy Corner shops across Japan until March 3.  The bonus magnets may run out quickly since there are just 60 per location, but with or without the magnets, these mini-cakes should be the perfect way to celebrate Girl’s Day, or even a simple girls’ night in, especially if you have some wine and a good movie to go with them!

Source and photos: Ginza Cozy Corner press release from PR TIMES (Japanese)