Speed is the name of the game in modern entertainment. With thousands of competing channels and websites just a button press or click away, you can’t afford to waste any time delivering the goods, and that goes double for comedy. Get in, do the job, and make your exit before the laughter dies out.

Take this insane Japanese video for example. Woman enters room, sits down, and BOOM – punchline! And we mean that “BOOM” literally.

The clip, and these images, come from a four-hour special titled Uwa! Damasareta Taisho, or Wow, You Got Me! Grand Prize. It begins with a woman, referred to by the commentators as Queen, entering a comfortably appointed room.

There’s no one else in the room, though, so after Queen (who the announcer says is a part-time model) fixes her hair, she sits down alone at the table.

Suddenly, a panel in the table slides open, and…

cream bazooka to the face!

Of course, what’s shocking for the goose is shocking for the gander, so after Queen stops stammering, “What what what what! I can’t see anything!” and clears out the cream that’s been packed into her nostrils, the room is prepped for a man called King. No sooner has he set his bento box down on the table than the panel slides to the side.

The staff member who comes in after the damage is done insists King still looks cool, but he’s not convinced, grumbling, “Ah geez I can’t take this anymore!”

Looks like sometimes, it’s good not to be the king.

Source/screenshots: YouTube