Have you ever wondered what Sailor Moon soldiers would look like if they travelled to an alternate reality and were drawn by a western hand? Well, thank goodness for fan art because one clever artist has delivered the fantasy. This unique collection of Sailor Moon pictures has the scouts looking more like Disney stars rather than sparkly-eyed anime characters, and with heartbreaking back-stories in each beautiful portrait, you’ll be seeing the girls in a totally new light.

These images, created by artist Ann Marcellino, have garnered a huge following online. Her empathy for the characters in the series extends even to the villainous Queen Beryl, who, despite leading a surprise attack on the Moon Kingdom, was simply a woman tortured by unrequited love.


And on the flip-side of that coin is the object of Queen Beryl’s affection, Prince Endymion, whose love for Princess Serenity drove the Queen mad and ended in their tragic deaths. The Romeo and Juliet-style love story between the couple is captured perfectly in this picture. If you look closely, you can even see a tear glistening on Princess Serenity’s cheek.


Two portraits of Sailor Saturn have fans swooning. As one of the more mysterious and introspective members of the group, she also carries with her enormous powers of destruction which can kill her and turn her into a small child when used to their full extent. That’s quite a melancholy burden to bear.


Lowering the tip of her scythe to the ground will bring destruction to the world.


As the preincarnation of Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity once lived happily in the Moon Kingdom during a period of peace and happiness.


Another reason we love Sailor Moon? For having one of the best anime couples ever: Uranus and Neptune.


Called The Serenity Line, this is a gorgeous depiction of motherly love and a beautiful interpretation of Chibiusa, the senshi with adorable pink hair.


We can’t wait to see more of Ms Marcellino’s stunning creations! To see her artworks in the flesh, check out Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Show, which will feature a number of artists in celebration of Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary. It’s on in Anaheim, California, from 5 July – 30 August 2014.


Source: Nico Nico News
Images: Facebook Ann Marcellino Art,  Ann Marcellino BlogspotdeviantART nnaFacebook Moon Crisis 2014