Every once in a while we at RocketNews24 like to bring you some instructional pieces on how to perform traditional Japanese practices such as drinking green tea, eating sushi, butchering a wild boar and seppuku. However, even with handy instructions some of these practices require rigid discipline and considerable practice. Interestingly enough, we get the fewest complaints of failure from the seppuku piece, but the ones we do get seemed to be the most angry.

This time however, we have a traditional Japanese guide that not only is easy to perform but is perfect for Halloween, which is fast approaching. So get ready to learn how to properly wrap a ninja hood around your head!

This translated diagram should be easy enough to follow, but in case the print is too small for you and because I have some time to kill, let’s go through it step by step.

First put a cloth over the top of your head. There should be two pieces of cloth dangling from each side. Now take the left dangling side and fold it inwards so that the inside surface is facing out. Then pull it across your nose and mouth. You should feel the hood press firmly against all the left side of your head.

Now, keeping the left side tight, take the right side and wrap it over the left side and under your jaw tightly. Make sure your nose doesn’t pop out, because that would look silly and make you easily identifiable.

Next, still keeping everything tight, pull the two sides to the back of your head. I don’t think this really warranted a whole step to itself but who am I to question ninja training?

Finally, tie the two ends together as tight as you can and let the excess cloth dangle in the midnight breeze because that’s badass. By the way, a 51cm wide cloth is recommended to cover the whole head nicely. In true ninja training fashion, important information like that is saved until the very end.

Naturally, I wouldn’t want to disseminate this information without trying it out myself first. Unfortunately, all I had that was of the recommended size was one of my wife’s pastel rainbow scarves and I kind of screwed up the top because of my glasses.

Okay then. That should be all you need to know to start infiltrating castles and assassinating influential people. The rest will probably just come to you once you start sporting your own ninja mask proper.

Source: Twitter via AOL (Japanese)