Do you like ice cream? Do you like putting birds in your mouth?

Of course we all do, but with only two hands it can be hard to do both at once. That’s why Torimi Cafe came out with a line of ice creams modeled after three breeds of small birds.

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(Originally published on May 14, 2013)

Torimi Cafe is a place where you can enjoy a cup of joe and a plate of curry surrounded by 36 pet birds. However, the cafe decided to bring a taste of their birds to masses, selling three specially-made flavors at the Hanshin Department Store Small Bird Expo in Osaka from 8 to 13 May.

According to Torimi Cafe, they use all natural ingredients which cost a little more than normal ice cream ingredients. They were using the expo as a test run to see if the ice cream would sell well enough to recoup the costs. If successful these ice creams would be sold at their shop in Kobe and through delivery.

Torimi Cafe initially announced that “once in your mouth, the aroma of a parakeet would spread intensely.” This remark lit up Twitter with comments such as “uh, how did they check what the birds taste like?” To answer that question here is a description of the three flavors.

Java Sparrow

java sparrow

The java sparrow is a small chubby bird which feeds on grains and seeds. In that spirit, you are treated to vanilla ice cream with grains mixed in. But wait! As the ice cream melts in your mouth you might feel something roly-poly, just like a java sparrow on you tongue. That would be the marshmallows hidden inside.

According to Torimi Cafe, “it’s the feeling of pressing the breast of a java sparrow into your mouth.”

sparrow sign



Parakeets are known to be more lively and active birds and as such the mellow taste of the java sparrow ice cream is jazzed up with some honey and apple. There are still some grains mixed in, but to a lesser extent. As Torimi Cafe put it, “it’s like eating some vanilla ice cream in one hand and then taking a whiff of a parakeet in your other hand.”




Cockatiel ice cream remains lively with the taste of honey-apple, but rather than grains, is mixed with larger pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The effect is a rumbling and bouncy taste which, in the words of Torimi Cafe, is like “when you’re sleeping with your mouth open and your cockatiel runs over your face and gets its leg in your mouth.”


So there you have it. We can all stop demanding a snack that simulates the taste of a cockatiel running on our faces because it has arrived.

If you weren’t able to hit the Small Bird Expo this year, don’t worry. It would appear that the trial run of these ice creams was a success so we should see a return in the not so distant future.

Source: Torimi Cafe via Naver Matome (Japanese)
Images: Wikipedia – Kirk, Jason L. Buberel, Cheese Sandwich