A couple of months ago, we shared an article on “pet bird” flavored ice creams produced by the bird-loving folks at Torimi Cafe. Now we get to enjoy the bird-inspired frozen treats in the form of Doraemon’s favorite snack!

In collaboration with Japanese confectionery maker Tenkoudou, the ice cream dorayaki (Japanese pancakes typically with red bean paste filling) comes in the Parakeet and Cockatiel flavors, sold in boxes of five assorted pieces for 1,500 yen (US$15). The frozen snacks were launched on Tenkoudou’s online retail site just a couple of days ago, and they’ve already been completely wiped out!

▼ “Pet bird” ice cream dorayaki in Cockatiel (left) and Parakeet (right) flavors.dorayaki


According to the staff, the pancake patties of dorayaki are usually made of wheat flour, but in this unusual collaboration, they added rice flour and milk powder to achieve a more chewy textured, milky flavored pancake that brings out the characteristic flavor of the interesting ice cream. The freshly grilled patties then go under a branding iron with adorable bird motifs that were drawn by Tenkoudou’s president himself! Due to the time-consuming production process, they are only able to produce these cute snacks in batches of 20 boxes, which explains why they sell out so quickly!

▼ Each dorayaki is branded by hand individually.

Who’s up for some pancake and a bird in your mouth at the same time? Sounds like a challenging race to the checkout is in place if you want to get your hands on some of these cute snacks!

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Tenkoudou