For a while it seemed that things had quieted down over at Japan’s largest online auction site, Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Back in the day one used to be able to buy anything from idols to 1,000 NES systems (at once) to the planet Earth.

However, recently there has just been a bunch of stuff like clothes and furniture to be had, and what fun is that? Thankfully, someone has brought the crazy back by auctioning off a truly rare item.

It’s a McDonald’s french fry in the shape of the number one and bidding starts at 10,000 yen (US$93).

The person who found the uniquely shaped piece of potato goes by the auction handle “Beatles Fab 4 Life” and says that they found the fry in a large order purchased at McDonald’s on 4 October. They originally intended to keep it as a good luck charm, but times are tight and money is needed more than luck.

Of course, if you’re worried that bidding might get fierce. There’s a buyout option of 890,000 yen ($8,252). That might seem like an arbitrary number, but Beatles Fab 4 Life did their research prior to placing this French fry under the hammer.

It was based on the highest bid for a Chicken McNugget in the shape of American president George Washington back in 2012. The winning bid (later withdrawn) came to $8,100 or 889,000 yen which Beatles Fab 4 Life rounded up. The fry also comes with its original box at no extra charge.

Naturally prospective buyers had some questions.

Q: Has there been any preservative treatment to ensure that mold doesn’t grow?
A: Sorry, it’s only been frozen.

Q: Would I be able to use it for a hook to, say, hold my keys?
A: I don’t think it’s strong enough for that, but it might be hung as an ornament.

Q: Who would buy this thing?
A: I think there’s someone who wants to buy this. Someone you can’t imagine like a millionaire with a French fry fetish or a potato collector.

Q: Excuse me. I already have a “1” and want to make an “11.” Could this work?
A: If the font and size match, I think it’d make a wonderful “11.”

Q: Are you sure that’s a “1” and not a “7,” because I might buy it if it were a “1.”
A: To me it looks like a “1” but I guess it might look like a “7” from the picture. Both are lucky numbers anyway.

In addition to there being free shipping on this item up to 1,000 yen ($9), Beatles Fab 4 Life would like to remind potential owners that although this fry has been frozen, it should not be considered safe to eat. They don’t assume responsibility for any illness caused by ingestion of the one-fry.

The auction is running from 4 to 12 October and as of this writing no bids have been placed. If there is a millionaire fry fetishist out there I’d like to think they’re a fan of RocketNews24 and will jump in to claim this starchy talisman for their own.

Source: Yahoo! Japan Auctions via Kini Soku (Japanese), Sioux City Journal (English)

From behind, the one-fry kind of looks like a horsey.