With just a few more days to go, fans of anime itasha and Key’s newest visual novel ought to check this out before it’s gone.

If you’re a fan of Clannad, chances are you might have already heard of Summer Pockets, the latest visual novel made by renowned Japanese company Key. Released a couple of months ago, the game quickly climbed the charts and became a hot favorite among Japanese fans.

Now, the company has offered its sweet official itasha up for sale in Yahoo! Auctions. The opening price was 500,000 yen (US$4,463), but has already reached 1,105,000 yen at the time of this writing.

▼ This auction runs until 9 August, so fans of the game better hurry.

The base car is a 2007 DBA-RN6 Honda Stream that has clocked a total of 68,849 kilometers (42,780 miles). Since an average of 12,000 miles per year is considered the norm for cars, this itasha actually boasts an extremely low mileage for its age.

▼ Displayed on the car are the four girls of Summer Pockets.

▼ Shiroha Naruse and Ao Sorakado grace the sides here…

▼ …while Kamome Kushima and Tsumugi Wenders decorate the other.

▼ Proclaim your love for Summer Pockets and make everyone green with envy!

▼ You’ve reached the pinnacle of visual novel appreciation
when you cruise around town in a snazzy itasha.

Also included with the car is an autographed sketch of Shiroha Naruse by famed Key artist Na-Ga, and one of Tsumugi Wenders by character designer Yunon Nagayama.

▼ Will you be the proud owner of these collector’s items?

What’s more, the winner of the auction gets to take home an official Summer Pockets collared shirt autographed by the game’s music composer Shinji Orito, as well as other official merchandise like wall banners.

▼ That’s a ton of goodies packed into one auction.

Those interested in owning this cool itasha ought to check out the auction and specs here.

With so many goodies thrown into one auction at a competitive price, this awesome Summer Pockets itasha offer is simply too hard to pass up. But if you’re the type that fancies a different design every day on your car, perhaps renting an itasha from Nissan might be a better option.

Source: Yahoo! Auctions, Twitter/@key_official via Otakomu
Images: Yahoo! Auctions