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In a scene we’re not sure belongs in a Three Ring Circus or a feline-themed sequel to The Exorcist, a Japanese YouTuber managed to film their cat somehow not only walking on two legs – a somewhat rare occurrence compared to dogs – but doing it backwards like it does it all the time.

And the cat in question – Momotaro – may, in fact, actually do this all the time. According to the somewhat vague Japanese caption that goes along with the video, Momotaro does this frequently just before mealtime. Now, normally, when you offer food to a human and s/he promptly moonwalks out of the room without even taking the time to turn around, it usually means they’re not interested in your grandma’s special third-day meatloaf recipe, but cat owner ko tama seems to think this is her feline friend’s response to being just so excited about dinner.

We’re sure at least some people will call bulls’#$ on the video, claiming it’s just filmed in reverse, but it seems legit; and besides, matching up reverse footage to forward audio seems like a lot of work for an excitable cat lover.

While the video is amusing (I’ve watched it 49 times), it’s also a little scary when you consider it’s proof that probably the only thing holding the cats back from world domination is their penchant for walking on all fours.

Source: Laba Q