After all, isn’t the most divine member of your household worthy of some proper respect every now and then?

Let’s face it–cats are the closest thing to godlike beings gracing the mortal realm. Humans exist merely to serve them scratches and take their food snubbery with a dose of humility. So what better way to worship them than when they’re perched atop a claw scratcher reminiscent of a Buddhist statue found at a temple?

This time Felissimo, the unquestionable champion of all feline-themed goods from marshmallows to lingerie, has released the somewhat awkwardly named “Our cat is the center of our praise halo scratcher.” The design is so chock-full of fun details that it’s easy to forget it’s made of only cardboard and isn’t a real statue. However, the major difference is that the center space is reserved for your favorite feline, and not a likeness of the Buddha.

▼ A vision of enlightenment

This new scratcher is an entry in the company’s recent O-terabu Project which aims to promote a respect for Buddhist temples and temple culture in Japan in order to lead a peaceful, fulfilling life. The vertical insert of the scratcher features a halo-like backdrop complete with monk-like cats while the pedestal is adorned with the image of a lotus flower as is often seen in Buddhist imagery. In addition, the sides of the halo backdrop and the top of the pedestal are exposed corrugated cardboard, making it perfect for kitties with different scratching preferences.

Upon closer inspection, the soft illustrations of cats donning Buddhist robes are also delightfully playful and reminiscent of ancient scrollwork.

Once your cat has exhausted their scratching duties, the scratcher also serves as an excellent spot to take a divine snooze.

▼ The scratcher measures 41 x 27 x 51 centimeters (16.1 x 10.6 x 20.1 inches)

The “Our cat is the center of our praise halo scratcher” is currently retailing for 7,550 yen (US$70), of which a small percentage goes to Felissimo’s cat charity. The deadline for preorders is December 10 and deliveries will commence from the beginning of November to the end of December.

Sources, images: Felissimo, Press Release
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