This genius hack will change the way you eat burgers forever.

In Japan, the word “urawaza” (“secret trick“) immediately grabs attention, as it usually means you’re going to learn a hack that’ll make your life easier and make you look like a genius when you share it with friends.

Well, that’s what we have for you today, thanks to Burger King Japan, who’ve shared an urawaza so good they’ve spelled it out in big capital letters. The hack reveals how to eat a Whopper the beautiful way, and now that we’ve seen the step-by-step video, it’s changed everything we thought we knew about opening burger wrappers.

▼ If you’re ready for your life to be changed, check out the tweet below.

The tweet reads:

“Revealing the beautiful way to eat a Whopper! With this URAWAZA, you can easily hold a Burger King Whopper or a large burger and eat it neatly. By all means, please try it!”

The word “kirei”, which appears twice in the tweet, can be used to mean both “beautiful” and “clean” or “neat“. All three of these adjectives sump up this method perfectly, because not only will the burger look beautiful when you open the package this way, the technique helps to keep your hands clean and the process neat while you eat. It’s not easy to look beautiful while wrapping your jaws around a big burger, but adopting this method will help to do just that, as you’ll look as perfect as a professional model in a burger commercial.

There are only three steps to remember for this urawaza:

▼ Step 1. Tear the top layer of wrapper down the middle

▼ Step 2. Rotate 180 degrees and fold in the edges.

▼ Step 3. Eat!

At the time of writing, the video had amassed over 340,000 views in just one day, with people around Japan leaving comments like:

“Wish I knew about this before!”
“I usually just unwrap it without thinking about it, so this is really useful!”
“Definitely trying this next time.”

“The wrapping usually bunches up all over the place, making it difficult to eat, so I love this idea!”
“Wow, my eyes have been opened. I wasted so much time unwrapping before.”
“It’s kind of similar to the way you peel off the protective film on convenience store rice balls!”

That last comment is on to something there, as convenience store rice balls are opened in a similar fashion, by tearing it down the middle, getting rid of the sides and then turning it 180 degrees before eating.

Whether that was part of the inspiration behind this technique or not, we’ve gotta say it’s a neat idea, and we can’t wait to see how it goes next time we order one of the chain’s massive One Pounder burgers.

Source, images: Twitter/@BURGERKINGJAPAN via Hachima Kikou
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