Taking chicken burgers to a whole new level.

KFC is synonymous with Christmas dinner in Japan, where people of all ages tuck in to fried chicken instead of turkey and the Colonel himself dresses up as Santa for the season.

This year, the Colonel didn’t disappoint, and after making us smile with some humorous end-of-year and New Year greetings…

…the fast food chain teased us with the promise of a brand new burger, enticingly telling us it would be the Creamy _ _ _ _ Fillet Sandwich.

After we were all left wondering what on earth they might be placing on top of their fried chicken fillet, KFC filled in the blanks by revealing that the secret ingredient would be a コロッケ, or in English, a croquette.

▼ Say hello to the Creamy Croquette Sandwich.

This new fried-on-fried sensation is said to be a creamy indulgence, with the croquette packed with a cream containing sakura ebi, tiny shrimp that get their name from their light pink appearance. The croquette is topped off with a luxurious lobster sauce, elevating the chain’s regular chicken fillet sandwich to a whole new level of finger-lickin’ deliciousness.

▼ Take a look at the mouthwatering new burger below.

The Creamy Croquette Sandwich retails for 490 yen (US$4.71) on its own, or 790 yen for a set that includes small-sized fries and a medium-sized drink. On sale at KFC branches around Japan from 6 January, the sandwich will only be on menus for a limited time.

Source, images: KFC Japan 
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