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As cute and fun as it is, there is not as yet a tremendous amount to do the PlayStation Camera, the motion-sensing add-on device for PlayStation 4. Every one of Sony’s new consoles comes with a copy of The Playroom, a collection of augmented reality (AR) games which, with a camera plugged in, combine real-time footage of players in their living rooms with computer-generated images to give the impression of sharing the same space. But once you’ve vacuumed up robots with your controller and played a few rounds of AR air hockey with a pal, you’ve seen most of what’s on offer.

Thankfully, Sony has just announced some additional content for The Playroom in the form of NINJA BOTS, which will be available later today and completely free. And it actually looks kind of fun.

The premise of the mini-game add-on is that your cute little robot buddies from The Playroom are on a mission to become ninjas (aren’t we all?), and you and your pals must guide them through an obstacle course and overcome a series of ninja-themed tasks. And apparently up to four players can play at once this time around.

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Here’s a description of the mini-game direct from Sony:

Sharpen those shurikens, it’s time to send your AR Bots into action in this virtual ninja training mode for up to four players! Using your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, take control of your own Ninja AR Bot, avoiding traps and flicking ninja stars to achieve Ninja Mastership.

NINJA BOTS is a free addition to THE PLAYROOM and you’ll need a PlayStation®Camera to enjoy this additional content.

Have fun with NINJA BOTS and remember to share videos of your best moments online!

Unlike Microsoft’s Kinect, PlayStation Camera does not come packed in with every PlayStation 4, so as an add-on device there is a danger that it may go somewhat underused during its lifetime as developers shy away from working on camera-centric features that only a handful of PlayStation 4 owners will ever see. That being said, the camera is already starting to see a lot of use amongst gamers who, utilising the PS4’s video streaming options, capture footage of themselves playing and make use of the unit’s built-in microphones to chat with friends who are watching them work through their games in real-time.

As for the rest of us, whether Sony’s free ninja-themed download will be worth dusting our cameras off for remains to be seen, but we’ll definitely be firing up our PS4 later to check out this new content – any excuse to get Mr. Sato back in front of the camera and see his “game face” again.

Source: Sony