These are the best “wrong” way to use those 100-yen purchases.

It’s hardly a secret anymore that Japan’s 100 yen shops, akin to dollar stores in the west, carry some useful stuff. With a little bit of ingenuity, a few 100-yen items can be made into something even greater, as we recently saw with Japanese cosplayers showing off some of the amazing accessories they’ve made on Twitter, under the hashtag #HyakkinGuzzuMachigattaTsukaikataSenshuken (“championship for the best ‘wrong’ use of 100 yen store goods”).

Even if you don’t cosplay, there are still plenty of creative ways you use items from your local 100 yen shop! Here’s a look at some of the more clever ideas we seen:

▼ This Twitterer had to deal with mail scattered on the floor whenever something was put in through the mail slot in the door. But a plastic file case with lid and a latching hook solved that problem brilliantly!

▼ An intricate ouija board, carved from a simple bamboo cutting board. What a neat idea!

▼ This 100 yen lingerie organizer becomes the perfect little display case for your Tsum Tsum collection.

▼ Aluminum sheets are handy multi-purpose items, and can be used like a picnic blanket, to keep your bathwater warm, or to add flair to a plain leather jacket.

▼ Slatted wood boards become a handy postcard display that opens and closes for easy portability.

▼ A steam-punk style crab, made from correction tape dispensers and floss picks… Because why not?

▼ Headphone stands will generally cost you at least ten dollars, but when a banana stand that costs a fraction of that price will work just as well why would you choose anything else?

▼ A 100-yen clock, wire, and various stationery items become a one-of-a-kind collage clock.

▼ Enjoy all of the fun of a capsule toy vending machine, right in your own home!

Truly an amazing display of innovation, and even if you aren’t feeling so creative, Daiso and others carry useful everyday items that don’t require any modification.

Featured image: Twitter/@ZAIDAN_K