Find it difficult to sleep on a plane or during that long train ride to work? Embarrassed by the way you look when you’re in a deep sleep?
Well, look no further because the cat face mask can help you on your way to a pleasant, deep slumber. If you have the courage to wear it, that is.

The Nekokaburi Mask (lit. Cat Cover Mask), comes in six different varieties, including Sabatora, or Silver Tabby, and Dorobou Hige, which translates to Thief’s Beard, referring to the circular, beard-like pattern some cats have around their mouths.

▼ The tabby and the thug



You might not be able to afford to take the whole litter home with you though, as these babies are retailing online for 3,771 yen (US$36.88) each.

▼ The Grey and the three-coloured feline mike patterns, promise to be cheaper and quieter than a real cat though



Not only will you look amazing, these hoods will also keep your airways moist by circulating the warm air of your breath around the inside of the dome. You’ll never wake up with a sore throat again!

Hachiware (Tuxedo Cat), and Kijitora (Brown Tabby) are allergy-free!



Although not suitable for children, adults can awaken the child within and purr under the shade of the dome like a happy, napping kitten. And if you happen to snore, no-one will mind because cats can get away with anything!

Source:  Felissimo
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