There are still two weeks to go until Halloween, but pumpkin-carving in Japan is already in full swing! And it looks like it’s the new kid on the anime block, Yo-kai Watch, that’s getting all the jack-o-lantern attention this year.

When I used to teach kids in Japan, there were some elementary students who, upon being given a worksheet, would immediately turn any circle on the page into Doraemon’s face. Now, it seems, the face of choice to draw (or indeed carve) into any empty circular space is Jibanyan’s!

Japanese site Naver Matome put together a huge collection of jack-o-lanterns made into characters from hit anime Yo-kai Watch. We have to say, the standard is pretty high. So let’s get the pumpkin rolling!

▼ It’s Jibanyan!

▼ Here’s what Jibanyan looks like when not made out of pumpkin. As you’ll see, he’s already orange, making him the ideal candidate for a squash carving.

terebi tokyo

▼ This next fan has taken a different approach, carving a solid Jibanyan sculpture out of the whole pumpkin!

▼ “Today’s work!” declares this pumpkin artist. “I finally caught up with the Youkai Watch bandwagon.”

▼ “This year’s jack-o-lantern! Last year’s was Anpanman”. Times change, Anpanman. Times change.

▼ I think we have a winner! Not strictly speaking a carved pumpkin, but beautifully painted!

▼ As for old-fashioned carved jack-o-lanterns, this one is impressive. The dark skin of the kabocha makes a great spooky backdrop, too.

Jibanyan wasn’t the only Yo-kai Watch character getting the Halloween treatment, though. There are plenty of other little monsters making an appearance!

▼ Hangin’ out with Whisper!


▼ Koma!

▼ Here’s what Whisper and Koma look like in non-vegetable form.

terebi tokyo

Of course, not all Youkai Watch jack-o-lanterns are created equal…

▼ “Yesterday at the supermarket I found this carelessly-made Jibanyan.”

There are even some Pokémon lanterns on show!!

▼ You still got it, Pokémon! Don’t let those newcomers oust you yet!!

▼ Someone still chooses you!

Oh…these aren’t from Japan. I guess Pokémon is still the anime of choice for character carvers outside Japan. In fact, Pokémon even sells official pumpkin patterns, and has been asking for photos of fans’ finished jack-o-lanterns with the hashtag #PokemonHalloween.

Next year, though, all the cool kids might be tweeting #Yo-kaiWatchHalloween. Or, they might not, if Yo-kai Watch turns out to be a flash in the anime pan – or, indeed, if it doesn’t get an English dub anytime soon.

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter