Yes, you read that title correctly! As part of their promotional campaign for the “Milk Seafood” flavor of cup noodle, Nissin is giving away a life-size plastic cow water dispenser to one lucky instant ramen fan. Simply fill up your cow with water, wait for the cow to heat up, and then “milk” out as much hot water as you need to fill up your Cup Noodle. Join us after the jump for a look at the amusing commercial behind this wacky promotion!

The commercial is actually quite sweet and touching, and features a doting dad reading a story to his child.

It’s the sweet but nonsensical story of Mooko the cow, who has sunk into a depression as a result of not being able to produce milk.

▲ “I’m udderly distraught!”

Mooko’s owners visit a specialist who comes up with a genius idea – why don’t they just turn Mooko into a big plastic water dispenser so she can finally be useful?

▲ ”Wow!”

The hot water dispensed by Mooko is perfect for filling up the farmer’s Cup Noodle!

▲ Just look how happy he is!

Wouldn’t you like to have your very own life-size Mooko to brighten up your apartment and dispense piping hot water on demand?

Good luck even being able to cook when you’ve got a giant, plastic cow taking up almost all of your available living space! Never mind, with Cup Noodle you won’t have to!

Check out the commercial below!

All you have to do to win the one and only Mooko is enter Nissin’s Cup Noodle drawing in January 2015! One lucky winner will be able to take Mooko home with them for a lifetime of hot water milking fun and making your guests feel extremely uncomfortable.

Source: NetLabo
Images: screenshots via YouTube