“Go forth, young one,” the adorable fowl’s equally adorable parents probably said. “It is time for you to strike out on your own. You are destined to do great things.”

We picture a bittersweet farewell, tears running down the proud parents’ beaks, each pecking nervously at the ground in turn, their prodigal son equipped with nothing but the knapsack ‘round his neck and a meager meal of two leeks.

If only the proud parents had known their young son’s final destination…



I must make my family proud, the young fowl thought, perhaps, as it boarded a rapid train bound for his destiny, blinking back the mist in his eyes with those weird double eyelid things chickens have.

Stepping off the train, our intrepid wanderer was confronted with the harsh realities of life away from the safe walls of home.

▼”I haven’t come this far just to be eaten here!”


Finally, having had his first taste of adversity in the wide world away from home, the young adventurer finds his way to his fateful place in the cosmos…

“Hi. I’m the ingredients!”



(For the record, this series of promotional posters is for the Torishige chicken joint located in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, and were posted on Hamster Sokuhou by a forum member. It just broke our hearts a little bit.)

Source and photos: Hamster Sokuhou