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It’s often the simple things that bring us most pleasure in life – like these giggle-inducing ‘neko montage’ photos making waves on Twitter in Japan.

Join us after the jump for delightful paper-augmented cats looking cute, angry, surprised, and plain old baffled!

It all started with this tweet from Shiratamaaaa.

▼ “If you have a cat, you should try neko montage! Draw body parts on a thin strip of paper. Then you just have to get the perspective right when you take the picture.”

Not only do these cats look seriously cute, the strip over the eyes also provides anonymity for any shy cats out there.

▼ Nawww, he’s so angry!

▼ Brooding wolf-cat, and wide-eyed surprise cat.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.32.05

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.32.05 copy

Some were inspired by anime characters:

▼ “I tried out Neko Montage”, says one owner. “This is Arakita Cat.”

Others are just beautiful.

▼ Who, me?

And some aren’t even cats.

▼ “Neko Montage is so cute I just had to try it out. But…I don’t have a cat, so this is Dog Montage.”

At last, something on the internet that it’s definitely ok to try at home.

Source: Spotlight Media
Featured image: Twitter