sleeping cat top

I guess the cat must be feline really sleepy.

Some days, you just don’t want to get out of bed. Whether it’s going to work, shoveling the driveway, or shooing away all those “invisible people” that camped out on your yard during the night, sometimes you just want to stay curled up under the covers, safely within the realms of dreamland.

But even the most hardcore sleep-lovers among us would probably wake up if surrounded by two dozen or so mice. Right?

Well, apparently not this cat. Japanese Twitter user @oken_ne posted pictures of the adorable aftermath when they (unsuccessfully) tried to wake up their cat by surrounding them with stuffed mice:

▼ “The sleep is strong with this one.”

▼ The one mouse that started it all.
Hmm, I wonder how many more I could put before the cat wakes up…?

sleeping cat 01

▼ Welp, I’m out of mice and the cat is still fast asleep!

sleeping cat 02

▼ Maybe the cat is just dreaming about being surrounded by 21 delicious mice and doesn’t want to wake up.

sleeping cat 03

Fear not! The hilarious cat antics don’t end there. Here’s some more gems from @oken_ne’s Twitter:

▼ Hey cat, if you keep eating those letters, then that might change….

▼ See! I told you. You shouldn’t have eaten that “not.”

▼ Some classic catinbox pictures.

▼ Wait a minute… this cat is different from the other one.
You mean there’s more adorable cats in this household?!

That’s right! So if you want to see more of @oken_ne and their house full of heavy-sleeping, letter-eating cats, be sure to give them a follow on Twitter. There’s so many pics that you may just start seeing them in your own mouse-laden dreams.

Source: Twitter/@oken_ne via Twicolle
Images: Twitter/@oken_ne