Need a new handbag? Love Neko Atsume? Then we have excellent news for you!

Neko Atume is one of the cutest smartphone games you can play these days thanks to its adorable illustrations, cute, addictive gameplay, and an abundance of furry felines.

▼ And their butts.

So, we have to say it only makes sense for someone to release a character magazine book (known as a “mook” in Japan) featuring Neko Atume characters. But the publisher isn’t just releasing a cute mook—they’re also bundling the package with cloth, draw-string bags in the shape of Manzoku-san (known as “Tubbs” in English) and Oddo-san (known as “Pepper” in English).

▼ Pepper and Tubbs


Called “kinchaku” in Japanese, these bags are basically traditional handbags or purses—you’ll often see Japanese women carrying them when wearing yukata, though many people still use them on an everyday basis.

But these Neko Atsume kinchaku are obviously a new take on the old design. For one thing, they have tiny, adorable legs and tails! We’d be tempted to carry them everywhere even if they were empty…

▼ We really, really hope you can see their star-shaped butts under their tails!


The mooks will be released on January 12, and the standard version—which comes with the Manzoku-san/Tubbs kinchaku—will be available at bookstores nationwide. The mook will apparently include short stories and other content like cat collaborations. A limited-edition version will also be available at Tsutaya locations and will come with Oddo-san/Pepper as well as a copy of Neko Atsume Neko-darake Zukan, a reference book for the game. Both versions will retail for 1,380 yen (about US$11.50).

It looks like 2016 is already shaping up to be a great year!

Sources: ITMedia, Tsutaya
Featured image: Twitter/@nekoatsume_tw
Images: Twitter/@nekoatsume_tw