Artist JR Coffron III has finally answered the question of what happens if you leave a Pokémon in its pokeball too long: they come out as undead ravening monsters.

On his DeviantART site, Coffron says he is working on a series of “twisted Pokémon.” Currently, there are only two, the zombie Pikachu and a very demonic-looking Weezing he created with artist Stephen Oakley, but with so many sweet, cutesy Pokémon to defile, we’re sure there will be more to come.

▼ Sweet Jesus, get back in the ball! GET BACK IN THE BALL!


If you like these, take a look through the rest of his portfolio, which is full of dark, fantasy and horror-inspired works to give you the heebie jeebies.

▼ Ew, never sleeping again. Maybe I just need a relaxing smoke…


▼…or not. I’ll just pet my cat; that’s relaxing… smoker_king_by_jrcoffroniii-d68tqsj

▼… well, crap. vira_by_jrcoffroniii-d555b45

Keep ’em coming, JR!

Source and images: JR Coffron III; h/t Kotaku