France may have delicious bread, but Japan has cute bread (even if it doesn’t always turn out as planned). I mean, they are the creators of Anpan-man, after all!

Adding yet another almost-too-cute-to-eat bread treat to the already long list, a bakery called “Cafe Blue Jean” located in the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka, brings us “Snowman-pan.” These seasonal treats are breads, shaped and decorated to look like darling, little snowmen.

Calling it “bread” (pan is “bread” in Japanese) is a bit of a stretch as it consists of “Cat’s Tongue” cookie dough filled with your choice of chocolate or caramel cream. I have to admit though, “snowman cookies” or “snowman treats,” just don’t have the same ring to them as “snowman-pan.”

You can get these wintry goodies for 200 yen (US$1.70) per snowman, but they are only available until January 31, so get them while you can. They are definitely bound to make the cold winter days a whole lot sweeter.

Source: Entabe