A star Japanese chef who was trained in France helped to sculpt Starbucks’ latest artisanal cake experience.

If there’s one thing Japan has down pat, it’s the art of seasonal specials. As the temperatures drop and everyone wraps up warm to compensate, the stores are already stocking their shelves with wintry wonders to entice you.

And coffee chain Starbucks has an especially extravagant treat as part of this year’s line-up: the Ichie Taguma x Dessert Chocolat Discovery.

▼ A “discovery” that most mouths would love to make!

The Chocolat Discovery starts from the ground up, with a perfect disc of lemon sponge glazed in lemon comfiture.

Then the layer above that is a generous spread of chocolate mousse sprinkled through with crumbled feuilletine, made from crumbled stacks of thin, crisp crepes. The top layer is a helping of soft, bouncy chocolate sponge, and then the whole thing is coated in chocolate cream.

Finally, the topping is enhanced with translucent orange nappage glaze.

▼ A detailed look at all of the moist layers and the glaze on top.

To create this newest concoction, Starbucks Japan enlisted the deft hand and expert palate of French-trained chef Ichiei Taguma.

Chef Taguma’s lavish history in the food industry includes work at various Michelin-starred eateries, and his sweets are especially exciting, incorporating geometric patterns, layers of transparency, and unusual flavors.

▼ He’s no stranger to fancy treats, such as this blood sausage
galette rice cake with fruits that he posted on his Instagram.

You might expect to pay a premium price tag for this little bite of heaven, but the Ichie Taguma x Dessert Chocolat Discovery comes in at a very reasonable 490 yen (US$4.48) plus tax. Treat yourself!

▼ Many Japanese people already have, so why not take your turn?

The Chocolat Discovery hit Starbucks across Japan on November 1, and will remain until January 16, 2020 provided stocks last.

Chef Taguma created this luxurious meld of citrus and chocolate from the concept of conversations that spring forth the moment a cake is laid before you. This dessert is poised to create some intense conversations of its own, and if you want to join the discussion why not pair it with one of the season’s Merry Strawberry Cake Frappucinos? Its rich notes of strawberry and vanilla add a whole extra layer to the discovery!

Source: Starbucks Japan via Entabe
Images: Starbucks Japan

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